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New Reuters-Ipsos Poll Claims Michelle Obama Would Be Only Democrat Nominee To Beat Trump

Michelle Obama attends the premiere of the American Symphony Orchestra’s New Orleans performance on December 7, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Erica Goldring/Getty Images, courtesy of Netflix) OAN’s Brooke MalloryWednesday, July 3, 2024 3:05 p.m. Former first lady Michelle Obama is the only Democrat who could beat former President Donald Trump in a […]

Michelle Obama To Replace Joe Biden? US Senator’s Bold Prediction

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has predicted that former first lady Michelle Obama will replace President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee. Cruz argues that Biden will be replaced at the Democratic National Convention in August, just three months before the election. The prediction comes after Biden’s performance in the first presidential debate was widely criticized […]

Michelle Obama Privately Feuds with Biden Family

Former first lady Michelle Obama is distancing herself from Biden over his family’s treatment of Kathleen Buhl, a close friend and the ex-wife of Hunter Biden, Axios is reporting exclusively. “Family tensions and the former first lady’s aversion to partisan politics are part of the reason why one of the Democratic Party’s most popular lawmakers […]

Dems Will Replace Joe Biden with Michelle Obama on 2024 Ballot

DETROIT, Michigan — Political strategist Roger Stone told Breitbart News he believes President Joe Biden will be “replaced” by the Democrats in the 2024 presidential election, and named former first lady Michelle Obama as a possible successor. When asked if he thought Biden would withdraw from the 2024 presidential race, Stone replied, “If you were […]

Political figures pay respects to Michelle Obama’s late mother

Political leaders are sending their thoughts to the Obama family and remembering former first lady Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, following her death on Friday. Robinson died at age 86, her family said in a statement. The Chicago-born Robinson lived in the White House with former President Barack Obama during his presidency, but the family […]

Michelle Obama’s mom, Marian Robinson, dead at 86

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, died on Friday at the age of 86, her family said in a statement. “She passed away peacefully this morning, and now none of us are quite sure how to survive without her.” The Obama family. Robinson was a constant presence in the White House throughout President […]

Michelle Obama’s Mother Marian Robinson Dies At 86

Robinson married in 1960 and had two children, including with the former first lady. Washington: Marian Robinson, the mother of former First Lady Michelle Obama, died Friday, Obama and her family announced. Robinson was a key support and stabilizing presence during Barack Obama’s eight years in office. She was 86 years old. Robinson, affectionately known […]