Dutch to Get ‘Strictest Migration System Ever’ as Populist Forms Govt

The Netherlands will finally have a right-wing government voted for by the people and the strictest border controls in the Western world, with veteran populist and Islam skeptic Geert Wilders agreed to form a coalition partner. Geert Wilders, who has faced threats to his life from Islamists and has lived under strict 24-hour police protection […]

European Union endorses sweeping overhaul of migration system

As election campaigns across Europe intensify, European Union countries have backed major reforms to the region’s asylum system. EU government ministers have approved 10 legislative parts of the new Migration and Asylum Pact. Hungary and Poland voted against the package, but were unable to block it. European Union countries on Tuesday backed sweeping reforms to […]

Biden’s Migration Spikes Interest, Mortgage Rates

President Joe Biden’s mass immigration policies are driving up housing inflation, pushing up interest rates and mortgage rates, a newspaper report has revealed. wall street journal. Chicago Fed President Austan Goolsby said the recent supply of new apartments and homes should have led to a fall in home prices, but “they are not moving as […]

Newly elected president of Panama vows to shut down critical migration route

Panama’s next president has vowed to make big changes to ease the U.S. border crisis. President-elect Jose Raul Mulino has vowed to close the critical migration gap through Panama, which was used by more than 500,000 migrants last year, signaling a shift in policy for the country as the U.S. continues to grapple with the […]

Bank of England Admits Mass Migration Driving Up Cost of Housing

The Bank of England has admitted that mass immigration is a key driver of rising rents in the country, further undermining the neoliberal intelligentsia’s claim that waves of unfettered immigration will bring economic prosperity. Following the Bank of England’s decision to keep interest rates at 5.25%, Hugh Pill, the central bank’s chief economist, rejected the […]

Venezuela Accuses Biden of Weaponizing Migration Against Regime

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Ivan Gil on Wednesday accused the United States of “instrumentalizing” migration to undermine and facilitate sanctions against the socialist regime. Mr. Gill followed Secretary of State Antony Blinken with his complaint to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). announced The United States on Tuesday released a $578 million aid package […]

Migration Not Driving Economic Growth, Report Finds

Mass immigration is not actually stimulating the economy and is a huge drag on public services and the housing sector, a study finds, as the neoliberal orthodoxy that has dominated both of Britain’s major political parties comes under fire. It turned out that. The Center for Policy Studies (CPS) report, co-authored by former immigration secretary […]

Reducing Migration Now More Important to Europe Than Climate Change

Concerns about migration and terrorism are rising in Europe, while the fight against climate change is being sidelined as a priority among voters, a survey led by a former NATO secretary-general has found. A large-scale global survey conducted by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation (ADF) among 63,000 people in 53 countries reveals declining interest in […]

Illegal Migration Costs UK Taxpayer £14 Billion Per Year in Public Services

Illegal immigration costs British taxpayers at least £14 billion a year in public services alone, poses an “existential” risk to the country and depletes desperately needed limited resources. , said a former cabinet minister. Dame Andrea Jenkins, vice-chair of the European Research Group (ERG) and skills minister under short-term chancellor Liz Truss, told colleagues this […]