Israel Won First Ever Space Battle, Destroyed Missile Outside Atmosphere

Last month, Israel deployed its long-range air defense missile, the Arrow, for the first time and shot down a ballistic missile in space, in what is being called the first space battle. Houthi terrorists fired an Iranian-made Ghadr-110 ballistic missile toward Israel last month, which was intercepted by an IDF Arrow-2 missile. Incredibly, the interception […]

US Air Force investigates high cancer rates among nuclear missile workers

The Air Force is expanding its investigation into whether military personnel who worked on nuclear missiles have unusually high cancer rates after a preliminary study determined more detailed testing was needed. The initial study was initiated after reports that many people who served in the military were now getting sick. The Air Force hasn’t released […]

Russia Attacks Ukraine With 12 Drones, Cruise Missile: Ukraine Air Force

Reuters could not independently verify the Air Force report. Ukraine’s air force said on Sunday that Russia launched 12 drones and one cruise missile into Ukraine during the night, and that Ukraine’s air defense systems destroyed 10 of the drones before they reached their targets. The Air Force said the cruise missile was not destroyed […]

Russian Missile Strikes in Eastern Ukraine ‘Bury Families in Rubble’

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – A Russian missile destroyed an apartment building in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region, leaving at least two people dead and their families trapped under rubble as Kremlin forces continue to shell the hotly contested area, locals say. Officials announced Thursday. long range weapon. According to Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klimenko, Russian military […]

Iran unveils new hypersonic missile weapon, allegedly matching US, China capabilities

Iran claims to have developed a new hypersonic ballistic missile, expanding one of the most dangerous military capabilities at its disposal. “True hypersonic capability would be a major step forward for Iran’s ballistic missiles, but this claim should be taken with a grain of salt,” Behnam Ben Taleblou, a senior fellow at the Foundation for […]

Video shows Russian actress killed on stage by Ukrainian missile

A gruesome mobile phone video shows the moment a Russian actress is killed on stage by a Ukrainian missile while performing for President Vladimir Putin’s marines in occupied Donetsk. This was described as a “retaliation” attack. The footage, released by Russian news agency Astra and recorded on Sunday, shows 40-year-old Polina Menshik singing and playing […]

Shelling ramps up at Israel-Lebanon border with Hezbollah, IDF trading missile strikes: report

Shelling intensified between the Israel Defense Forces and the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah on Thursday, with both sides carrying out attacks along the Israel-Lebanon border, according to reports. According to Reuters, the Iranian-backed terrorist organization has targeted eight targets in Israel so far Thursday, including Israeli soldiers and barracks, “in support of the solidified Palestinian […]