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Trans Kids Are The New Fashion Accessories Among Hollywood’s Most Deranged Moms

There’s a celebrity trend that has nothing to do with the season’s hottest fashion designer, jewelry item or flashy car. Instead, Hollywood stars are parading their transgender children around like some sort of good luck charms on a keychain. Actresses like Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez and Charlize Theron have been posing for photos next to […]

California mom’s fake kidnapping still rattles ex-husband

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ROOKE: Anti-Groomer Moms, The Biden Admin Is Coming For You

If parents weren’t already terrified of what the federal government would do to them for pushing back against LGBTQ indoctrination, the Biden administration going all in on the left’s celebration of sexual preferences should do it. Every federal department account posted a Pride flag to social media with a note about how inclusivity reigns supreme […]

How employers can make work work for moms

recently, I spoke with Tim Carney.The author of “Family Unfriendly,” he discusses how corporate life and culture in America make it difficult for families, especially large families, to thrive. This paper stayed with me and changed the way I thought about the work-life dichotomy. Following this thought, I went to meet with Founder and CEO […]