‘Groundbreaking’ Animated Jesus Movie to Be Produced by Jesus Film Project

The Jesus Film Project on Thursday announced an ambitious new project to introduce the story of Christ to a “new generation” with a feature-length animated film about Jesus scheduled for release on Christmas Day 2025. A new movie simply named Jesuswill employ “cutting-edge film technology” and will be directed by Dominic Carola, who previously worked […]

Trump-Hating Movie Will Be Trolling Soon at a Theater near You

Sebastian Stan (Marvel’s Winter Soldier) will play a young Donald Trump in a new feature film. apprentice, Coming soon to a theater near you. successor’s Jeremy Strong plays notorious lawyer Roy Cohn. Maria Bakalova will play Ivana, Trump’s then-wife. more: Although it is advertised as an exploration of power and ambition, set in a world […]

Lifetime Executive Gushes Over Studio’s First Christmas Movie Sex Scene

Lifetime executives are gushing about the sex scenes in the studio’s first Christmas movie. cowboy christmas romance It claims there are viewers who are “hungry for adult romance.” “We know our audience is hungry for adult romance, and we’re looking forward to adding some smoldering flavor to the usual holiday sugar and spice,” said Tia, […]

New Kids Streaming App Seems To Have Disney Scrambling With Movie Announcement

Once upon a time, Disney could claim to be the king of wholesome family fun. But after years of self-destruction, it’s up to conservative upstarts to give classic fairy tale characters a long, happy life. Disney’s self-imposed losing streak stems from a conscious decision to abandon its traditions. No longer content with just catering to […]

Robin Williams Improvised So Much On Set Of Iconic Movie That Director Has 2 Million Feet Of Film, 972 Outtake Boxes

“Mrs. Doubtfire” director Chris Columbus is producing a ton of behind-the-scenes footage that proves the creative genius of late actor and Hollywood legend Robin Williams, Business Insider reports. Reported. Director Columbus explained the unique approach Williams took to acting, noting that Williams used a lot of ad-libbing while filming the classic film, which resulted in […]

Teen sets world record with Jenga blocks, inspires Hallmark movie

A Canadian teenager has broken two of his own Guinness World Records by stacking Jenga blocks, making it a Christmas movie staple. Aldin Maxwell (15) from British Columbia A staggering 1,840 standard-sized Jenga pieces were stacked together. We stacked 900 huge things in one block. A talented 15-year-old boy on the autism spectrum was even […]