Parents choosing baby names that sound ‘cool’ on social media

you can handle What’s trending in this baby name? Parents are now choosing “cool”-sounding names for their TikTok and Instagram handles, according to a professional baby namer. “Communication and technology are so pervasive now that they help individualize children and give them their own identity,” says Steph Coffield, 40. explained to SWNS. “People want their […]

Morningstar strategist names 3 under-the radar stocks – CNBC

The stock market has fared well so far, with the S&P 500 index rising above 5,000 this month. However, continued political tensions and uncertainty over when the US Federal Reserve will cut interest rates have raised questions about which sectors will perform well, with many market participants predicting that 2024 is of the view that […]

National Geographic Names Drag Queen Traveler of the Year

national geographic has named a drag queen as one of its “2024 Travelers of the Year.” Drag queen Wynn Wiley, better known as Patti Gonia, has been hailed as an “Outdoor Inspiration” and “Traveler of the Year” in recent magazines. national geographic articletitled “They Inspire Us and Teach Us About the World: Meet the 2024 […]

National Geographic names drag queen ‘Pattie Gonia’ a ‘Traveler of the Year’

national geographic named The drag queen was one of nine Travelers of the Year, but faced some backlash online for the decision. Wynn Wiley, who goes by the name Patti Gonia, claims to be an “intersectional environmental activist, drag queen, and outdoor inclusivity advocate.” The magazine said Wiley “helps LGBTQ+ youth discover the wonders of […]

France’s Macron Names Envoy For Future Europe-Middle East-India Corridor

Gerard Mestralet is a well-connected veteran of the energy industry. Paris, France: French President Emmanuel Macron has appointed Engie, a former gas company chief, as special envoy for a multinational rail and port project linking the Middle East and South Asia that is being floated as an alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. By […]

Why some brands go by 2 different names

Some brands go by completely different names depending on which half of the United States they are sold in. The companies note that many of the differences between these brand names lie east and west of the Rocky Mountains. Examples include mayonnaise, ice cream, fast food, and Girl Scout cookies. Denver (KDVR) — Have you […]


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