Nicolás Maduro Predicts Joe Biden Will Lift Venezuela Sanctions Again After Sham Election

Venezuela’s socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro said Monday night that following his regime’s fake presidential “election” on July 28, Venezuela could be admitted to the China-led BRICS economic and security bloc. He claimed that there was. President Maduro also said that an “electoral” victory (almost certain given the dictatorship’s complete control of the electoral process) would […]

Nicolas Cage Is At It Again With Another Bizarre Trailer For A Weirdly Wonky Film

Just when you thought Nicolas Cage was taking a break from playing big-time eccentrics, he’s back in the role again in the trailer for Long Legs, released on Saturday. There’s literally nothing wrong with Nic Cage, but he really scared me quite a bit. trailer For the new horror thriller “Longlegs”. The story follows FBI […]

Nicolas Maduro Brands Left-Wing Wikipedia an ‘Enemy’ of Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela – Socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro on Monday slammed Wikipedia, saying the site was “lying” about the results of Sunday’s fake referendum to annex the Essequibo region, currently controlled by neighboring Guyana. ” he criticized. Wikipedia, which bills itself as “a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit,” is facing tough times. criticism Due to […]

Nicolas Cage decides to make less movies, focus on his daughter as he nears 60

Nicolas Cage has revealed how he plans to spend his time now that he’s nearly 60. Cage, who turns 60 on January 7th, has appeared in several films over the past few years. “The unbearable weight of enormous talent” “The Old Way,” “Renfield,” and most recently “Dream Scenario.” However, fans shouldn’t expect to see too […]