Libertarian Party Chooses Nominee Who Supports Open Borders, Trans Policies

The Libertarian Party chose its presidential candidate after a convention that featured a highly publicized speech from former President Donald Trump, and nominated a gay man with a history of left-leaning positions who supports open borders and drag queen story hours for children. Both President Trump and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke at […]

Chase Oliver Picked as Presidential Nominee for Libertarian Party

Chase Oliver, an openly gay man and former supporter of former President Barack Obama, has been selected as the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee in the upcoming presidential election. After hours of voting, Georgia Senate candidate Oliver advanced to the final round with only the “neither” option available. Oliver won the final round with nearly 60% […]

Trump request to be Libertarian nominee shot down while RFK Jr. gets chance to compete

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr qualified to be voted on for the Libertarian Party’s nomination Sunday.  Former President Donald Trump was nominated by New Mexico Delegate Brian Poetter, but did not qualify as he is not a member of the Libertarian Party, spokeswoman Jennifer Haubein told the Washington Examiner. Trump attended the convention […]

Donald Trump Has Edge on Joe Biden as 1 in 4 Dems Want Different Nominee

President Joe Biden faces an enthusiasm problem, with former President Donald Trump leading nationally in both deep candidate pools and binary choice situations, according to an Emerson College poll. The poll, released Friday, found that 44% of 1,100 registered voters support Trump in a race against Biden and a third-party candidate. Trump leads Biden by […]

Senators grill Biden judicial nominee, Sarah Netburn, for transgender inmate transfer

On Wednesday, President Biden’s judicial nominees announced a 2022 recommendation to transfer biological males who have transitioned and identify as women to women’s prisons despite convictions for child rape and possession of child pornography. was heavily criticized. At a Senate Judiciary hearing, Republican Sen. John Kennedy (Louisiana) and Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) spoke against federal […]

Dick Van Dyke Becomes Oldest Daytime Emmy Nominee: REPORT

Famous actor and comedian Dick Van Dyke has reportedly become the oldest Daytime Emmy nominee at the age of 98. He is being recognized for his incredible contributions as Timothy Robicheaux on Peacock’s “Days of Our Lives,” according to AP News. The star, whose career has spanned an incredible seven decades, has inspired multiple generations […]