‘Never Biden’ voters more numerous than ‘Never Trumpers’ this election season

In a revealing twist for the 2024 presidential election, polls show “Never Biden” voters are more common than “Never Trumpers.” In a recent poll 52% of respondents said they would never vote for President Joe Biden, while 46% said the same for former President Donald Trump. This flips the narrative from the 2020 election, which […]

Numerous Voter ‘Irregularities’ Exposed in Nevada

Numerous Nevada voters discovered on Sunday that there were worrisome errors in their voting history. Nevada was also one state with evidence of mass election fraud in the 2020 election. Nevada’s Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar is a Democrat, and the state has a history now of sketchy election proceedings. Can we trust Aguilar when […]

Yankees’ offense wastes numerous chances in ugly loss to A’s

The Yankees missed opportunities, both in series and games against teams that couldn’t go anywhere (except for Sacramento). Coach Aaron Boone’s team continued to threaten and squander opportunities on a chilly Thursday night. The Yankees lost 3-1 to the Athletics in front of 40,141 fans in the Bronx, a disappointing loss for a club whose […]

REPORT: Numerous Arrests Made After Alleged Mass Shooting At Philadelphia Ramadan Gathering

Several people have reportedly been arrested after a shooting at a Ramadan festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday. An unspecified number of people were shot in the incident, and hundreds of people reportedly took part. Philadelphia police made “numerous arrests” and recovered at least four guns, FOX 29 News Philadelphia reporter Steve Keeley reported. report. […]

Canadian charged for numerous swatting calls in Florida, including fake hostage situation

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Numerous Biden Mental Lapses During Special Counsel’s Interview

Records obtained by Breitbart News show that President Joe Biden experienced multiple bouts of confusion and “memory failure” during his meetings with special counsel Robert Hur. Mr. Xu’s investigation, which concluded in February, found that Mr. Biden “intentionally” kept classified documents but declined to prosecute, citing “insufficient evidence.” Mr. Xu characterized Mr. Biden as an […]

4 people arrested over numerous incidents of human remains found scattered across New York, bail reform lets them walk free

Four people were arrested in three cases. human remains The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office said it was found on Long Island. Police made the arrests after executing a search warrant at the Amityville apartment of the suspects, 40-year-old Amanda Wallace, 44-year-old Stephen Brown, and 38-year-old Jeffrey McKee. Investigators said they found human remains and knives, […]

Here’s How A Few Ballot Measures Could Upend Future Elections In Numerous States

Activists and left-wing groups want many states to introduce ranked-choice voting (RCV) to ballots, which, if passed, would fundamentally change how elections are conducted across the country. The RCV model requires voters to rank candidates in order of preference, followed by several rounds of counting if no option initially receives a majority of votes. Nevada […]