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Billionaire Frank McCourt organizing ‘people’s bid’ to buy TikTok

Former FCC Chairman Ajit Pai explains how the TikTok bill could come to fruition and how changes in party control could impact the regulatory environment. Billionaire Frank McCourt is assembling a consortium of investors. Buy TikTok The social media platform was sold from its China-based parent company ByteDance because it could be banned in the […]

Groups Organizing College Protests Funded by Soros-Tied Entities

Reports say several groups involved in organizing the anti-Israel protests that have erupted on college campuses since last week are receiving funding from groups funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros. It is said that there is. And at least one of the groups is paying extremists. They purport to pay their associates thousands of dollars […]

Prison Guards In Belgium Accused Of Organizing Jacuzzi Orgies

Guards and staff at Belgium’s Ranting prison have been accused of engaging in sexual acts during and after work hours, Belgian news outlet Sudinfo reports. Belgium’s largest prison faces allegations of sexual misconduct among guards and staff. fox news It was reported on Sunday. The scandal also includes allegations of organized sex parties, which reportedly […]

Obscure Liberal Foundation Behind Groups Organizing Wave Of Pro-Hamas Activism

The White Plains, New York-based nonprofit supports a network that organizes pro-Palestinian demonstrations across the English-speaking world, spreading pro-Hamas messages. The Westchester People’s Action Coalition (WESPAC) Foundation processes donations on behalf of at least six organizations engaged in global pro-Palestinian efforts. WESPAC-backed groups have held street protests, organized mass student strikes, and issued statements praising […]

Austin Ekeler organizing call for running backs on contract issues

Austin Ekeler knows there is power in numbers. The Chargers’ running backs are organizing Zoom calls with fellow league running backs who are stuck in contractual disputes with their respective franchises. reported by NBC. The league’s top running backs have been invited, according to reports, likely including Giants’ Sacwon Barkley, who is thrilled to have […]

Domestic workers are organizing for better working conditions nationwide

Domestic workers across the country demand better working conditions, hold rallies and protests, and lobby for worker protections. Workers, including nannies, house cleaners and home care workers, have launched campaigns across the country, including Miami, where two groups led marches for a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in mid-June. . In the same week the […]