California ‘Bullet Train to Nowhere’ $100 Billion over Original Cost

California’s high-speed ‘bullet’ railroad project is estimated to cost $100 billion more than the original estimate approved by voters in 2008. It just connects the rural towns of Bakersfield and Merced. report: New cost diagram published in Update report A report from the California Department of High Speed ​​Rail shows that plans to build […]

Original ‘Gone With The Wind’ script shows ‘war’ over slavery, cut scenes

Movie buffs are sure to fall in love with this revelatory movie memorabilia. Unearthed shooting script of ‘Gone with the Wind’ reveals how ‘war’ over portrayal of slavery shook the making of beloved but controversial 1939 film . The big-budget epic, set against the backdrop of the Civil War and Reconstruction, has long been criticized […]

‘Our Original Sin Should Never Define Us’

Senator Tim Scott (R-South Carolina) appeared on this week’s Fox News Sunday broadcast to discuss divisions in the country and how to overcome them. A Republican senator from South Carolina said the left was responsible for trying to create a “culture of dissatisfaction.” However, he argued that a nation should not be defined by its […]

Original James Bond Books ‘Rewritten’ to Remove ‘Racist’ Content: Report

Original by Ian Fleming james bond The novel was “rewritten” to remove racist remarks prior to its re-release. Telegraph Reported. Ahead of the re-release to mark the 70th anniversary of Ian Fleming’s release Casino Royale The first novel in the James Bond series, the publication reports that the work has been “rewritten” to appease the […]

Ronald Reagan: The original RINO

President Ronald Reagan and Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill (Democratic Massachusetts) said “rather than being a country whose political philosophies are at a stalemate, extremely polarized by ideology and party politics, and unable to move forward.” There have been harsh words and important disagreements…a stronger commitment to getting things done.” That observation came from […]