Colorado funeral home owners face charges after discovery of bodies

Colorado police corner wanted suspect on rooftop of home Pueblo Police found the suspect hiding on the roof of a home in the 2600 block of Vinewood Lane. With nowhere else to go, officers borrowed a fire department ladder and safely took the suspect into custody. The owners of a Colorado funeral home where 190 […]

U.S. Home, Auto Owners Paying over $3,700 per Year in Insurance Premiums

Average prices for home and auto insurance are expected to rise the most in more than five years, with rising home and auto insurance premiums weighing on American household budgets. The increase seen in 2022 was the largest increase in recent years for both types of insurance, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. analysis Prices […]

NYC Bodega Owners Arm Themselves amid Surging Crime

New York City bodega owners are arming themselves for self-defense and the defense of their businesses as crime continues to skyrocket in the city. of new york post pointed to The National Supermarket Association noted that more than 25% of New York City mall owners are armed, compared to about 10% before coronavirus shutdowns. Additionally, […]

Fantasy football owners can ride with Titans’ Derrick Henry

A king’s reign is not eternal. All kingdoms will come to an end someday. The story of the fall of kings is published in multiple catalogs, whether historical chronicles, epic novels, or films made for entertainment. And we’ve seen NFL running backs who dominate the fantasy realm eventually suffer an end to production. Some, like […]

Gun owners win big in Maryland handgun case in federal court

A federal court on Tuesday struck down Maryland’s gun regulations as unduly “burdensome,” with the National Rifle Association (NRA) calling the victory a “significant victory” for Second Amendment rights. There is. On Tuesday, a three-judge panel of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals cited a landmark 2022 Supreme Court precedent that reset how courts treat […]

Most American households have gun owners, poll shows

A new study also shows that the majority of American households include at least one gun owner, and that the number of firearm owners has increased sharply over the past decade. of NBC News National Poll The survey found that 52% of Americans say they or someone in their household owns a firearm, the highest […]