Whitlock: Unlike his peers and successors, Jim Brown refused to sell out

Jim Brown never sold out. That’s his legacy. He could not be bribed or compromised. He embodied the kind of masculinity that America now rejects as pernicious. Brown, 87, died on Friday. People would have a hard time defining him exactly. He is far more than the greatest running back in professional football history. He […]

Ohio school district punishes students for ‘misgendering’ peers — even in off-campus communication and messages on personal cell phones, lawsuit alleges

A school district in Ohio has a policy to punish students who “misgender” their peers, according to a lawsuit filed by a custody group. According to the complaint filed by parents protecting education On behalf of parents, this policy also applies to off-campus communications and personal text messages on students’ personal mobile phones. The PDE […]

Obese kids show alarming cognitive differences than lighter peers: study

Overweight or obese preteens are quite different from their lean counterparts in cognitive function and brain structure, according to a new study. A team at Boston Children’s Hospital found that obese early teens had more difficulty solving problems and reasoning. The South West News Service found that brain circuits responsible for “higher levels of cognitive […]

Newly released footage reportedly shows white Ohio elementary students dragged, beaten, and forced by black peers to pledge loyalty to BLM

Newly released surveillance footage appears to confirm earlier reports of a possible hate crime at an Ohio elementary school last month. TheBlaze had previously reported that Springfield police were dispatched to Kenwood Elementary School on Feb. 13 to deal with assaults and intimidating crimes that may have occurred during recess on Feb. 10. according to […]

Heterosexual Children Healthier, Happier than ‘LGBQ+’ Peers

CDC report It was published in February Rated “LGBQ+” high school students had significantly higher rates of hopelessness, sadness, and suicidal thoughts compared to “heterosexual” high school students. The CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) had two categories of “gender identity” among high school students: “heterosexual” and “LGBQ+.” Respondents to the survey were asked which […]

Students wouldn’t be punished for ‘misgendering’ trans peers under Montana bill: ‘Children should not be forced to call somebody something they’re not’

A bill in Montana would ban schools from punishing students for “misgendering” their transgender peers. The Associated Press reported. Detail is? The proposal, co-sponsored by more than 20 Republican lawmakers, says it’s not discrimination for students to use their transgender classmates’ real names or address them by their gender, the AP said. . Republican Rep. […]