LGBTQ event canceled because DeSants bans children from adult performances

A planned LGBTQ event in Tampa has been canceled after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a new law banning facilities from admitting children to live sexual adult performances. Wednesday, DeSantis signed several bills into law Protect Florida children from so-called gender-affirming care, classroom gender identity debates, and live adult performances. contract with DeSantis HB1438The bill, […]

Rubio, Daines Introduce Bill Banning DOD Funds for Drag Performances

Senators Marco Rubio (R-Florida) and Steve Danes (R-Montana) said Wednesday that the Pentagon will spend taxpayer money on drag performances or host drag performances. proposed a bill to ban the use of taxpayer-funded facilities for The bill’s submission follows the Navy’s acknowledgment that it has solicited active duty drag queens as Navy Digital Ambassadors to […]

Pride parade canceled over bill barring kids’ attendance at lewd adult performances

The Pride Parade has been canceled and participation in related events has been restricted to patrons 21 and older. “After multiple meetings with city officials, with a heavy heart, Proud Alliance of the Treasure Coast must announce that this weekend’s Pride Fest will be an 21+ event,” said part of a notice on the organization’s […]

Best and worst performances from Round 2 at the Masters

Round 2 at Augusta National was postponed to Friday and then to Saturday morning to complete the round. Playing at the Masters proved challenging for some golfers as they battled the weather conditions and made the most of what the players were capable of. However, some players didn’t have to worry about the weather as […]

Most disappointing performances from Round 1 of the Masters

Some players didn’t make the A-game in Thursday’s Masters opener at Augusta National. Some may not even be ready to play. With that said, here are Thursday’s most disappointing performances of Round 1. Tiger had a worse three-strike record than he did in the first round at Augusta last year, and 2022 presented more physical […]

Leftist Canadian party seeks to create anti-free-speech zones around drag performances, punish ‘offensive remarks’ with $25,000 fines

Introduced by a Canadian political party legislation This creates a no-speech zone around the drag show, punishing anyone caught making remarks deemed “offensive” by LGBT activists while in the vicinity. The New Democratic Party of Ontario is a radical left-wing political party that operates as the official opposition party in conservative-dominated Ontario. One of those […]

Most in new poll oppose laws restricting drag shows or performances

Most adults say they oppose laws restricting drag shows and performances, according to a new poll. The results of the NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist poll released Wednesday showed: show Fifty-eight percent of respondents said they oppose performance-limiting laws, and 39% said they supported them. Democrats are most likely to oppose such a law, with nearly three-quarters saying […]

Kentucky Senate advances bill to limit drag performances

The Kentucky Senate Specification Ban drug performances on public lands and in front of children and send bills to state legislatures. invoice passed it The Senate abstained by one senator by a vote of 26 to 6, in line with party line. Republicans hold overwhelming majority in both the state’s Senate and House of Representatives. […]