Bitcoin: Why the second phase of BTC’s bull run is almost here – AMBCrypto News

Addresses holding 10-100 BTC are beginning to accumulate more coins. Increased volatility could see Bitcoin hit $80,000 by end of Q3. Since Bitcoin [BTC] The failure to re-touch the all-time highs hit in March led to speculation that the bull market was over, but AMBCrypto found that this was not the case. Rather, Bitcoin appears […]

Forget Stoves! The Biden Admin Is Working Overtime To Phase Out All Your Gas Appliances

The Biden administration contends that it is not targeting gas stoves and other domestic conveniences afforded by fossil fuels, but its “building electrification” agenda is poised to effectively do just that, several energy policy experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation. The notion that the federal government would like to ban gas stoves is a […]

Jennifer Lopez has ‘worn down’ Ben Affleck, honeymoon phase is over: report

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have “ended” their marriage amid rumors of divorce and now have a “completely different relationship,” according to a new report. Their marriage continues to be plagued by breakup rumors, with sources close to the couple adding to the discussion. The “Let’s Get Loud” hitmaker, 54, and the Oscar winner, 51, […]

‘Bring the intifada home’: Far-left groups plan next phase of protests in the US

As anti-Israel encampments on college campuses wind down as the academic year ends, far-left groups are openly planning the next phase of disruptive protests in the United States. In a document titled “Bring the Intifada Home,” a reference to the twin acts of terrorism in Israel that have claimed thousands of lives, the Escalate Network […]

Trump Trial Enters Final Phase; Judge Merchan to Issue Jury Instructions

Former President Donald Trump’s trial enters its final stages on Monday, with the prosecution’s embattled “star witness” Michael Cohen poised to take the final stand. Mr. Trump’s defense last week undermined Mr. Cohen’s credibility, raising questions about whether the former fixer had spoken to Mr. Trump on the night of October 26, 2017, as Mr. […]

Israel Attacked By Iran As Middle East Enters Perilous New Phase

Multiple alarms sounded across Israel. Iran launched armed drones and missiles against Israel, marking a new and more volatile phase of the Middle East conflict. The attack was in retaliation for an attack in Syria that killed a senior Iranian military officer, and is the first time Iran has attacked Israel from its soil. Israeli […]

Former Hunter Biden associates to testify publicly in next phase of impeachment inquiry

Former business associates of Hunter Biden are scheduled to testify publicly at the Capitol on Wednesday as Congressional Republicans begin the next phase of their impeachment inquiry into President Biden. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said at the beginning of the hearing that investigators “found no credible evidence that the Bidens provided any work […]