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Israeli News Anchor Photographed Carrying Pistol While On Air

Israeli news anchor Rital Shemesh was photographed on air Tuesday carrying a pistol in a holster in his waistband. Shemesh is an anchor on local outlet Channel 14. 📸 Rital Shemesh, TV anchor of Israel Channel 14 TV in the studio. pic.twitter.com/BG2JkvsS17 — Metesohtaoglu (@metesohtaoglu) January 3, 2024 of daily mail report Shemesh's recent social […]

North Korea claims its new spy satellite has photographed the Pentagon and White House

North Korea claims its first reconnaissance satellite launched into space was able to photograph the White House, the Pentagon and various US naval bases. bloomberg report The country’s reconnaissance spacecraft was launched on November 21st and has since reportedly been able to capture images of Andersen Air Force Base, Pearl Harbor, and even the USS […]

One Of UK’s Most Photographed Trees “Cut Down With Chainsaw”

One of Britain’s most photographed trees has been ‘deliberately felled’. London: One of Britain’s most photographed trees next to the Roman-era Hadrian’s Wall in north-east England has been “deliberately felled”, authorities managing the local national park announced on Thursday. “Northumberland National Park Authority can sadly confirm that Sycamore Gap’s famous tree fell overnight,” it said […]

Suspected mass shooter, who may have photographed himself wearing a bra, is not ‘trans,’ DA’s office says

Following the horrific shooting in Philadelphia earlier this week, in which five people were killed and several injured, the District Attorney’s Office’s LGBTQIA Advisory Panel said the male suspect was “transgender.” criticized the reports. Armed with a rifle and pistol, 40-year-old Kimbrady “Kim” Carriker arrived in the Kingsessing neighborhood of south Philadelphia on Monday and […]