Lightning strike torches pickup truck in Texas during thunderstorm, wild photos show

A Texas pickup truck was struck by lightning and exploded in flames, officials said. The incident occurred as a thunderstorm passed through the Houston area, wrecking a truck parked in Collins Park in Cline, according to the Harris County 4th Precinct Police Officer’s Office. Both the Klein Fire Department and the Constable rushed to the […]

6-year-old tragically has both her feet amputated while riding in pickup truck

A young Virginia girl was seriously injured in a freak accident while riding in a pickup truck. May 17, 6 years old Aubrey ScalettaVirginia Police Officer Daniel Scaletta’s daughter was in a pickup truck with her sister Grayson. In the car, Aubrey and Grayson played with ratchet straps to secure their luggage. The truck window […]

Wisconsin child killed by swerving pickup truck at school bus stop

A middle school student waiting to board a school bus in Wisconsin on Friday was hit and killed by a pick-up truck that failed to slow down in time, officials said. A Webb Middle School student in Leesburg was fatally injured around 7:20 a.m. along Highway 23/33 in the town of Excelsior, northwest of Madison, […]

Cyber-stuck? Tesla’s electric pickup gets caught in the dirt

At least they had a shovel handy. Tesla’s next Cybertruck promises to be one of the most powerful pickup trucks when it hits the market later this year, but it’s not unstoppable. Tesla’s new lithium refinery in Texas has a stainless steel truck prototype ready for groundbreaking Monday, which the company says will deliver up […]

131,000 Ram pickup trucks recalled by Stellantis

Check out what’s being clicked on Stellantis’ FCA US LLC has issued a recall of certain Ram 1500 pickup trucks from 2021. The recall concerns an issue related to the powertrain control module software that could “cause an incorrect fuel mixture condition in the engine” in the affected vehicles, according to the notice. available […]

New Ram electric pickup, Kia SUV unveiled at NY Auto Show

A Ram electric pickup truck with up to 500 miles of range on a single charge and a battery-powered Kia SUV were among the new vehicles unveiled Wednesday at the New York International Auto Show. The two debuts, which took place in New York on Wednesday, saw only nine automaker press conferences, far fewer than […]

Taco Tuesday: Toyota dishes new details on the 2024 Tacoma pickup

It’s almost octopus time. Toyota chose April 4th, known to many truck fans as 4×4 Day, to confirm major new details about its all-new Tacoma pickup coming in 2024. Tacoma has been America’s best-selling mid-duty truck for 17 years. It’s been pretty much the same since the last major redesign. The 2024 Tacoma will be […]

Jeep put a park bench on a pickup truck

The Jeep Gladiator is a 5 seater pickup and now has a 7 seater pickup. It’s time to stop. The Gladiator Rubicon Sideburn is a concept truck being demonstrated at the Easter Jeep Safari in Utah this week, showing off some ideas for future features. The truck gets its name from the concept carbon fiber […]