Polish Parliament Speaker Is Viral Sensation, Says Insulting Takes Skills Too

Shimon Horounia left showbiz four years ago and turned to politics. (File) Warsaw: As Poland's pro-EU party prepares to take over power, a new star has risen to prominence. He is the Speaker of Parliament whose wit has drawn thousands of new followers to Parliament's social media channels. Szymon Holownia is known to a wide […]

Polish trucker blockade holds up Ukraine’s volunteer military aid- sources

Charities and NGOs providing military aid to Ukraine’s military are facing weeks-long delays in critical supplies such as drones, electronic equipment and pickup trucks due to border protests by Polish truck drivers. three industry sources told Reuters. Thousands of trucks carrying goods have been backed up at border crossings between Poland and Ukraine for weeks […]

Move by Polish president slows, complicates transition of power from Euroskeptic Morawiecki government

Polish President Andrzej Duda on Monday named Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, a member of the right-wing Law and Justice Party, as interim leader of the eastern European nation’s transitional government. Mr Morawiecki lost control of parliament last month to former Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s centrist, pro-European coalition. Mr Moriawecki’s appointment as interim chairman has angered […]

Orcas Strike Again, Sink Polish Yacht In Gibraltar

A pod of killer whales sank another ship in Europe, with a Polish yacht sinking to the bottom of the Strait of Gibraltar after a 45-minute attack, the ship’s owners claimed on Facebook. “Early yesterday afternoon our yacht was attacked by a swarm of canola in the Strait of Gibraltar. [orcas,]” Morsky Mir, the tourism […]

Polish Bishop Grzegorz Kaszak resigns after sex scandal in his troubled diocese: report

The Pope on Tuesday accepted the resignation of a Polish bishop whose diocese has been shaken by reports of sex parties involving male prostitutes in the priest’s apartment and past incidents of violence by clergy. The Vatican has not given reasons for Bishop Grzegorz Kaszak’s resignation as head of the diocese of Sosnowiec in southwestern […]

Vatican Accepts Resignation Of Controversial Polish Bishop Amid Sex Party Scandal

The Vatican has not given a reason for Bishop Grzegorz Kaszak’s resignation. The Pope has accepted the resignation of a Polish bishop whose diocese is beset by allegations that he held sex parties with male prostitutes in his rectory. The bishop tendered his resignation after a months-long investigation into the incident. according to new york […]

Polish party leaders make final appeals to voters as close election nears

Leaders of the main political parties facing off in Poland’s next parliamentary elections held their final election rallies on Friday, urging voters to support their winning parties. Opinion polls predict a close race. Sunday’s general election will decide whether the conservative Eurosceptic Law and Justice Party wins a third consecutive term or whether the liberal, […]

Polish president attends Pulaski Day Parade, honoring hero of the American Revolutionary War

Polish President Andrzej Duda visited New York City last week to join the Polish-American community celebrating the annual Pulaski Day Parade. Accompanied by other distinguished guests, the president smiled broadly, danced a polonaise, shook hands and posed for photos with celebrants. Polish President Andrzej Duda (centre), Culture Minister Piotr Glinski (left), and Consul General Adrian […]

Polish Ambassador Demands Canada Apologise Over Nazi ‘Hero’ Scandal

Poland’s ambassador to Canada, Witold Dzerski, responded to the Canadian and Ukrainian leadership’s praise of the former Waffen-SS soldier last week, saying that Poland is Ukraine’s best ally and that “such villains should not be whitewashed.” I will never agree with that,” he declared. “[Canada and Ukraine] @OurCommons leaders cheered on members of the Waffen-SS […]

Polish President Duda Snubs Zelensky at U.N., Calls Ukraine a ‘Drowning Man’

Polish President Andrzej Duda has canceled a meeting with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy scheduled for the United Nations in New York, as relations between the two neighbors become increasingly strained over the grain dispute. It was done. The meeting between the two presidents was scheduled to be held during the 78th United Nations General Assembly […]