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STEVE CORTES: Polls Reveal The Emerging Trump Coalition

Will Hispanic and younger voters help former President Donald Trump secure a second term in the White House? A new poll strongly suggests the answer is yes. But first, a little background on the larger macro shifts in voter and party affiliation. Looking at the bigger picture, populist and nationalist revolts continue to reshape American […]

French election preview: Polls show right-wing party leads runoff

France’s right-wing Rally National (RN) is expected to be elected as the largest party in power, but no party may win a clear majority in a closely contested election with the second round of voting starting this weekend. The first round of voting took place on June 30th to decide representatives for 76 of the […]

Labour leader Keir Starmer likely winner for UK elections, exit polls suggest

Exit polls for the UK general election have predicted that the opposition Labour Party will win a landslide victory after 15 years of Conservative rule. A poll released shortly after voting closed on Thursday showed Labour leader Keir Starmer will be the country’s next prime minister. “Today the future of the UK is on the […]

The 5 Worst Polls Democrats Dread This July 4th

Former President Donald Trump’s Fourth of July momentum is perhaps the strongest he’s experienced during the 2024 election cycle, according to several independent surveys. Even before President Joe Biden’s dismal performance in last week’s debate, numerous polls — national, battleground state and primary issue surveys — showed Trump beating Biden on nearly every front. Post-debate […]

Trump gets big post-debate boost in new polls after Biden’s botched performance

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Rishi Sunak, Wife Akshata Murty Vote Against “Higher Taxes” In UK Polls

Pictures showed the couple holding hands and walking to a polling station. British Chancellor Rishi Sunak has called on voters to choose the Conservative Party as polling stations open across the country for the general election. The Prime Minister shared a photo of himself with his wife Akshata Murthy at a polling station and urged […]

Polls: Trump Has More Than Doubled His Lead Over Biden Since the Debate

Since the first presidential debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, polls have reportedly shown Trump building a more than 2-to-1 lead over Biden in the 2024 presidential election. Biden’s poor performance last week has created major problems for Democrats, throwing them into disarray with some calling for him to be removed […]

Odd Candidates In UK Polls 2024

The silver-clad Earl Binface will be challenging Chancellor Rishi Sunak in his own constituency. London: When either Rishi Sunak or Keir Starmer take to the stage on Friday to celebrate their victory in the UK election, their moment of victory will be joined by a man with a bin can on his head or someone […]