Rove: Trump declining in polls since hush money conviction

Republican strategist Karl Rove said Saturday that former President Trump’s approval rating has fallen since his conviction in the New York hush-money case. “I agree. Actually, look at the evidence,” Rove said when asked by Fox News host Paul Gigot on “The Journal Editorial Report” whether he agreed there has been a “shift in favor” […]

Trump to rally in Philly as polls show former prez leading Biden in critical Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA — As Donald Trump gears up for a rally Saturday night in Philadelphia, local Republicans are ready to welcome him with open arms and are hoping he stays on message. “I’m a strong supporter of President Trump,” Chairman Bill Allen said. Pennsylvania Integrity Network“It’s right ahead!” Trump’s visit to the Liacoras Center came shortly […]

Polls Showing Voters Favor Trump on Immigration ‘Misleading Because Immigration Is So Complex’

On “CNN This Morning” on Wednesday, Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) argued that polls showing support for former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, and potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate, over those of President Joe Biden are “again misleading because the immigration issue is so complex.” asked host Manu Raju.[T]How voters currently view Trump and Biden on […]

Polls prove: Even ‘Teflon Don’ can’t brush off ‘convicted felon’  

When Donald Trump became famous Claimed in 2016 If he had said, “I can shoot somebody and not lose any voters,” I would never have bothered to test whether that scenario was true. The now disgraced former president 34 felony convictions Behind him lies the reality that he is not as free from political influence […]

Sunak in Damage Control as Farage Overtakes Conservatives in Polls

British Chancellor Rishi Sunak went into full damage control mode on Friday after Nigel Farage’s Reform UK party overtook the Conservatives for the first time in the general election opinion polls. Mr Sunak sought to downplay the historical significance of Nigel Farage’s populist Reform Party overtaking the Conservatives, saying “the only poll that matters is […]

Ahead Of Polls, Gaza A Test Of Loyalty For UK Muslims Towards Labour Party

In 2019, around four in five British Muslims voted Labour. London: Gaza is far from the beautiful hills of the Yorkshire Dales, but many local Muslims are outraged by Labour’s stance and the issue could determine the outcome of the UK general election in the north of England. Labour is expected to win a huge […]