Pope Francis Skips Weekly Audience, Says He “Still Has A Bit Of Cold”

Francis had part of his lung removed when he was young in his native Argentina. Vatican City: Pope Francis skipped the reading during his weekly audience on Wednesday, delegating the task to an aide and telling the faithful that he was still not feeling well. The 87-year-old pope, who has had a number of recent […]

Pope Francis Cancels Activities Due to ‘Persistent’ Flu

ROME – Pope Francis canceled all scheduled activities for the second time in three days on Monday, with the Vatican citing lingering influenza as the cause. “He does not have a fever and continues to have mild flu-like symptoms,” Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said in an email to reporters, adding that the day’s events had […]

Pope Francis Blames Mongolian Cold Spell on ‘Climate Crisis’

ROME – Pope Francis blames global warming for Mongolia’s current cold wave, calling an overheated environment a “global social problem.” Following the weekly Angelus address On Sunday, the pope said he was close to the Mongolian people “who are affected by the severe cold wave that is causing serious humanitarian consequences.” This extreme phenomenon is […]

Pope Francis Meets Argentine President Javier Milei in Vatican

ROME – Pope Francis hosted Argentina’s populist president Javier Millei at the Vatican on Monday for an hour-long meeting. “During the intense consultations held at the State Department, gratitude for the good relations between the Holy See and the Argentine Republic and the desire to further strengthen them was expressed,” the Vatican Press Office said. […]

Pope Francis Blasts Those Who Oppose Blessing Gay Couples

ROME – Pope Francis has doubled down on his support for blessing same-sex couples, calling those who oppose the practice “hypocrites.” “I do not bless ‘same-sex marriages.’ I bless two people who love each other, and I ask you to pray for me,” the pope said. Said italian weekly magazine Credere this week. Just before […]

Pope Francis Condemns “Terrible Increase In Attacks Against Jews” Worldwide

Pope Francis also called for prayers “particularly for the return of the hostages” held by Hamas. (File) Vatican City: Pope Francis on Saturday condemned the “terrifying increase in attacks against Jews around the world” and the rise in anti-Semitism since the outbreak of the Gaza war on October 7. “We Catholics are deeply concerned by […]

Pope Francis Warns Journalists of ‘Groupthink,’ ‘Cognitive Pollution’

ROME – Pope Francis warned on Wednesday of the dangers of “big data”, saying “algorithms are not neutral” and can be used to spread fake news and create groupthink. Artificial intelligence systems “could cause 'cognitive pollution,' the distortion of reality when partially or completely false stories are believed and broadcast as true,” the Pope said. […]

Pope Francis Tells Italians ‘Having Children Is a Duty to Survive’

ROME, Italy – Pope Francis on Saturday reiterated his concern about Europe's demographic winter and called on Italians to have more children. Pope: “I'm worried about the declining birthrate'' Said Italian association About local politicians. “There is a culture of population decline that stems from fewer children.'' “It's true, anyone can have a dog, it's […]

Pope Francis Calls on WEF to Promote ‘Far-Sighted’ Globalization

ROME—Pope Francis called on participants at this week's World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos to promote a “visionary and ethically sound” model of globalization. The World Economic Forum “aims to guide and strengthen political will and mutual cooperation,” the Pope said. Said And it “offers important opportunities for multi-stakeholder engagement to explore innovative and […]


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