Rand Paul to force Senate vote on potential cuts to Social Security, Medicare 

Conservative Senator Rand Paul (R. Kentucky) said this week he would force the Senate to vote on a plan to cut total federal spending, including Social Security and Medicare, by 5% each over the next two years. This would be a nasty vote for Senate Republicans, splitting the meeting in half. The debate about social […]

Trump admits to keeping classified doc on potential Iran attack in 2021 recording: report

Former President Donald Trump admitted in July 2021 that he had classified documents about a possible military strike against Iran, according to a new report. Federal prosecutors are investigating whether the audio was obtained by a man, now 76, who illegally concealed classified government information in his Mar-a-Lago home and office. CNN reportedThis runs counter […]

Republicans to hold FBI director in contempt for refusing to turn over potential evidence of Biden’s part in an alleged $5 million foreign bribery scheme

House Republicans are now taking steps to indict FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress after repeatedly failing to turn over declassified documents showing crimes Joe Biden was accused of committing. Despite the FBI’s continued efforts to avoid transparency and ignore the wishes of Congress, the agency insists it is dedicated to working with […]

Targets of Potential Violence in Coming Months Include Churches, Feds

The Department of Homeland Security said in a recent bulletin that the United States is facing a “rising risk of violence in the coming months over “legislative or judicial decisions related to the 2024 general election cycle and socio-political issues.” It warned that it was in a threat environment. of Breaking news on May 24, […]

McCarthy faces potential threat to Speakership over debt limit deal

Rep. Dan Bishop, RN.C. Motion to dismiss “I think this has to be done,” McCarthy told reporters at a news conference on Tuesday about the debt limit deal. hello first republican Having publicly voiced its support for the move, there have been more discussions surrounding the idea since the deal was announced over the weekend. […]

Kohl’s faces potential ‘Bud-lighting’ over its LGBT agitprop targeting toddlers

Concerned parents and other conservatives are ready to wield the power of their wallets again, with a fresh reminder of their ability to hold corporations accountable. This time, department store chain Kohl’s is believed to deserve punishment. Coles is ostensibly in the business of selling clothing, bedding, electronics and ephemera products. Some shoppers have stressed […]

Biden smirks and laughs when asked about potential pardon for Trump

President Biden laughed and waved off Monday when a reporter asked if he would consider pardoning former President Donald Trump, who is under federal investigation amid ongoing legal troubles. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy’s question comes after Republican candidate and Florida governor Ron DeSantis recently said he would consider pardoning Trump if elected to the […]

Apple and Fintiv to negotiate potential settlement of patent infringement claims for Apple Pay, Apple Wallet

Primetime Partners Chairman Alan Patricoff discusses expectations for the tech giant’s second-quarter earnings and considers the AI ​​boom at Klaman Countdown. Apple and Fintiv will hold a court-ordered settlement meeting to potentially settle Fintiv’s claim that Apple has infringed its technology patents. Apple Pay and Apple Wallet. An order issued by the United States District […]