Maine court orders state rephrase potentially ‘misleading’ ballot question

A Maine court is asking the Secretary of State to rewrite a ballot question about the future of the state’s utility services over concerns that the current wording may mislead voters. Maine voters will participate in a November referendum on a proposal to replace Maine’s privately-owned power company with a consumer-owned Pine Tree Power Company. […]

Data Breach Potentially Exposed Private Info Of Lawmakers And Staff, Official Says

According to the letter, a data breach at a medical administrator working for the U.S. House of Representatives may have exposed personal information about hundreds of lawmakers and staff members. The data breach reportedly affected DC Healthlink, according to House Chief Administrative Officer Katherine Spindall. Henry Rogers first tweet. Szpindor detailed how the personally identifiable […]

Potentially tainted marijuana pulled from Vermont stores

Vermont regulators removed marijuana, potentially contaminated with pesticides, from five retailers after consumers reported feeling sick after smoking it. Vermont’s Cannabis Control Board last week issued consumer protection alerts for all strains of marijuana produced by grower Holland Cannabis due to pesticide contamination. Customers who purchased marijuana grown by Holland Cannabis at five specific stores […]