Florida orange producers record worst year since 1930s

Farmers in Florida just reported their lowest orange harvest in almost 90 years after the 2022 devastating hurricane season. The dire situation is made worse by the ongoing battle with citrus green disease. GROVELAND, Fla. — Orange lovers across the country should expect a sour surprise at the grocery store. Orange prices are now rising […]

Oklahoma energy producers push back on Biden admin, ‘woke’ lenders putting squeeze on bank accounts

Oklahoma leaders target environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies adopted by federal agencies in Washington, D.C. rallying for An OEPA press release on Wednesday read, “Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance (OEPA) will take action to block state funding from rebels that discriminate against lending to oil, gas and agricultural businesses,” said Treasury Secretary Todd Rath. We […]

Former Fox News producer’s lawyer says Jan. 6 special counsel interested in tapes

A lawyer for a former Fox News producer now says the special counsel investigating former President Trump was interested in tapes of conversations she had on the network around the time of the 2020 election. increase. Abby Grosberg’s attorney, Jerry Phillipatos, said: Said CNN has provided the Special Counsel with a spreadsheet detailing about 90 […]

‘RuPaul’ Producers Oppose Laws Protecting Kids from Drag Queen Grooming

RuPaul Drag Race Producers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato are against laws protecting young children from sexual grooming. talk to the left varietyEmmy Award Winner Said: … Barbato said the bills that have passed at least 11 state legislatures and are threatening to limit or ban drag show performances are all part of an “insidious” […]

Ernie Hudson Accuses ‘Ghostbusters’ Producers of ‘Pushing Him Aside’

Ernie Hudson hit the big time as Winston Zedmore in the 1980s Ghost Busters In recent years, he has said he was “pushed out” and was grossly underpaid for his roles in two movie blockbusters. in his latest appearance howard stern showaccording to Mr. Hudson, the two originals Ghost Busters The film was “the hardest […]

‘Tiger King’ producers taking on Bored Ape Yacht Club?

Cryptocurrency and NFT insiders have received requests for interviews on a new documentary about the Bored Ape Yacht Club — and they say the next film is said to be being made by the producers of ‘Tiger King’. A source told On The Money. It’s unclear when a documentary on BAYC (so-called NFTs, or prominent […]

Hollywood pimp sentenced to five years for hooker ring that catered to actors, producers

A film producer was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison for running a sprawling prostitution ring targeting the wealthy and powerful in Hollywood. Dillon Jordan, 50, raised approximately $1.4 million from the international prostitution business he ran from 2010 to 2017. Its clients included producers, gamblers and actors, federal prosecutors said. Jordan has laundered […]