Ohio prosecutors demanding vape-puffing teen be charged as adult for beating 60-year-old

Prosecutors in Ohio are requesting that a Cincinnati teenager be charged as an adult after punching a 60-year-old female teacher unconscious last month. This week, police released disturbing new body camera footage of the incident. After being assaulted, the 15-year-old assailant repeatedly punched the special education teacher in the head, authorities said. Smoking e-cigarettes in […]

Prosecutors rail against Trump’s ‘distorted’ argument in classified documents case

Prosecutors this week refuted former President Donald Trump’s claims that the incident involving the retention of classified documents after leaving the White House was politically motivated, calling them “inaccurate and distorted.” In a 68-page courtroom filingSpecial Counsel Jack Smith’s team on Friday refuted President Trump’s accusations of collusion between the Biden administration, the National Archives, […]

Trump takes a swing at prosecutors in legal cases: ‘Bad people who hate our country’

Former President Trump criticized prosecutors in his case in an online post Saturday, calling them “evil people who hate our country.” “The deranged Jack Smith, Letitia “Peekaboo” James, Alvin Bragg, the J6 Political Villains Commission (who deleted and destroyed all evidence and findings), and all the remaining Biden prosecutors and “our country” Hate bad people.” […]

Hunter Biden defense team recommends prosecutors go to AA

Hunter Biden’s defense team has hit back at prosecutors who say the president’s son used illegal drugs while purchasing and owning firearms. Prosecutors argued that Biden’s memoir was essentially a confession in which he talked about drug use and the use of firearms in drug transactions, but the defense denied this claim in a footnote, […]

Swalwell blasts ‘Soft on violent-crime prosecutors’

Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell of California suggested: post In X, he argued that “prosecutors who are soft on violent crimes” are allowing people to put children at risk. He made a comment in response to a question. news articles About a carjacking in Oakland. A young child was in the car at the time of […]


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