Meta threatens to pull news content over legislation

and blog post On Friday Mr Mehta said he would start the test We restrict certain users and publishers from viewing or sharing certain news content on Facebook and Instagram. Canada has responded to the Canadian Online News Act Proposal. The test comes a week after Facebook parent company Meta threatened to remove news content […]

Target boycott forces retailer to pull some LGBT Pride items

Following Target’s boycott threats, major retailers have pulled some LGBTQ pride merchandise. Queer and transgender designers blamed “domestic terrorists” for the removal of LGBTQ products from Target stores. Target held an “emergency” meeting last week on the sale of controversial products such as designer clothing that promotes Satanism, LGBTQ infant onesies, “tuck-friendly” swimwear and drag […]

Kansas cops pull over DUI suspect wearing Bud Light costume

you are what you drink Kansas police pulled over a suspected DUI last week and were surprised to find the driver dressed in a Bud Light beer can. Lawmakers flagged the culprit on May 5 after receiving reports of a possible drunk driver on Interstate 35. Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said. Photos from the scene […]

How Knicks can pull off playoff miracle vs. Heat

Wednesday night at the Garden could be the end of the Knicks’ season, or the beginning of a miraculous comeback. They’re in a very difficult situation after going down heat 3-1 in the best of seven series in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Led by manager Tom Thibodeau, the team was completely underwhelmed, overwhelmed and underwhelmed […]