Rumor: John Daly Quietly Made Sports History Despite Terrible Round

John Daly hit another career milestone Thursday — and it might be one of the greatest achievements in sports history. A golf reporter for The Athletic, Gabby Herzig, relayed a hilarious rumor about Big John from his first round at the PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky. (RELATED: John Daly’s Breakfast Of Champions Proves There’s Still Alphas […]

The Supreme Court just quietly handed a huge win to veterans

The Supreme Court recently decided on a case you don’t hear much about. A landmark ruling on the undervalued GI Bill could have a profound positive impact on America’s veterans, communities, and nation for years to come. Earlier this month, the country’s Supreme Court issued the following ruling: 7-2 verdict The Department of Veterans Affairs […]

Hotel in trendy NYC neighborhood quietly converted into shelter for migrant families

A hotel in one of New York City’s trendiest neighborhoods has been quietly converted into emergency housing for immigrants for the past few months. Mayor Eric Adams’ administration recently awarded a $12.3 million emergency grant to a nonprofit social services provider that operates the City’s Shelter for Families with Children at 235 Meeker Avenue in […]

Top anti-Trump legal pundits quietly meet for private weekly call

A cable cabal of anti-Trump legal experts meets weekly on Zoom calls to discuss the latest information on former President Donald Trump’s legal troubles, then spreads consensus on left-wing networks, according to reports. . The weekly meeting is scheduled for Friday and will be moderated by CNN legal analyst and former Obama administration official Norman […]

Anti-Trump groups are quietly planning for a deepfake election crisis

Last month, dozens of prominent U.S. government and state officials, advocacy groups and executives from major tech companies gathered in New York to participate in an important mock election exercise. The wargaming exercise simulated a hypothetical crisis in which AI-generated photos and videos were published on social media just before the 2024 election. The images […]

Is a Biden comeback quietly underway?

Unless you’re deeply involved in politics, you’ve probably missed some big developments over the past three weeks. Since Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, there has been a notable reversal in his presidential fortunes. In fact, polls have shown Biden in the lead since he addressed the nation in early March, and according to […]

REPORT: Democrats Quietly Telling Biden Admin To Churn Out Regulations At Breakneck Speed As 2024 Election Looms

Democrats in Congress are encouraging the Biden administration to quickly enact a slew of far-reaching regulations ahead of the 2024 presidential election, according to Punchbowl News. The Biden administration has pursued an aggressive regulatory agenda to implement President Joe Biden’s political priorities, including measures to encourage the production of more electric vehicles, forgive student loans, […]