‘Very Unique Kind Of Black Folks’: MSNBC Panel, Citing Racism, Raises Concerns With Trump’s Appeal To Black Voters

MSNBC’s panel of commentators was outraged Saturday over former President Donald Trump’s outreach to black voters on “The Weeknd.” Former Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman and MSNBC host Michael Steele expressed concern that President Trump is basing his overtures on racial stereotypes. “Yeah, that’s all we do,” Steele said wryly. “We’re wearing gold Lamello sneakers […]

United Airlines raises checked bag fees effective Feb. 24

Captain Dennis Tajer destroyed Boeing’s safety culture after the Alaska Airlines cabin door incident. United Airlines announced Friday that it will increase baggage fees, following similar actions by American Airlines and JetBlue earlier this week. United Airlines announced in a statement to Fox News Digital that it is increasing checked baggage fees for customers traveling […]

Bank CEOs handed pay raises while junior bankers face stingy bonuses

Bank executives will enjoy pay increases in 2023, while rank-and-file employees were given an extra year of stingy bonuses, according to this week’s earnings report. Nowhere was this more evident than at Standard Chartered, whose chief executive Bill Winters reported a 22% rise in his pay. bloombergHe said, citing the London-based bank’s 2023 earnings report […]

DCCC raises $9.5 million in January

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) announced Tuesday that it had raised $9.5 million in the first month of this year. The DCCC released January numbers on Tuesday, saying in a press release: latest funds Total cash on hand is nearly $52 million. The announcement comes just a week after Democrats flipped a Republican seat […]

Larry Summers said there’s ‘15% chance’ Fed raises interest rates

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers warned against the possibility of a surprise rate hike given that inflation remains high, even though Wall Street expects the Fed to begin cutting rates as soon as this spring. He told investors not to exclude them. “There’s a good chance that the next move will be an increase in […]

Biden Campaign Raises $42M in January, $130M Cash on Hand

The Biden campaign raised $42 million in January and began February with $130 million in cash on hand, the campaign announced Tuesday. Reportedly has $130 million in cash on hand represents This is a “record total” for Democratic presidential candidates at this point in the election cycle. The campaign said 97% of donations were less […]

Willis Testimony Raises 5 Questions About Affair with Fellow Prosecutor

Fulton County Attorney Fannie Willis’ testimony Thursday raised several questions about her relationship with fellow prosecutor Nathan Wade in the election interference case against former President Donald Trump. Mr. Willis and Mr. Wade took the stand to ask whether their relationship disqualified Mr. Willis from prosecuting Mr. Trump. If the presiding judge determines that Willis […]

Biden DOJ’s Indictment Of Burisma Bribery Source Raises More Questions Than Answers

The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) indictment of an FBI informant who shared information about an alleged bribery scheme involving Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and a Ukrainian energy company called Burisma raises more questions than answers. is causing. Alexander Smirnov, Confidential Human Source (CHS) Suspect In 2020, Burisma executives allegedly paid then-Vice President Joe Biden and […]

12:30 Report — Navalny’s sudden death raises questions

It’s Friday! Hooray. It’s been a busy morning following the news. alexei navalnyRussia’s main opposition leader has died. Here’s what’s happening: According to multiple reports, Russia’s most prominent opposition leader is alexei navalny , died suddenly in prison.He had been poisoned before and blamed the Russian president Vladimir Putin — led to questions surrounding his […]


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