Gordon Ramsay’s pub taken over by squatters who threaten legal action if evicted

“Get out!” A group of “professional squatters” have reportedly taken over a London pub run by celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay, brazenly threatening legal action against anyone who tries to force them out. It is said that there is. At least six freeloaders broke into Mr. Ramsay’s York and Albany hotel and gastropub, which is on […]

Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Is Coming Back After Nearly a Decade

kitchen nightmare We are coming back for the first time in about 10 years and couldn’t be more excited. according to deadlineGordon Ramsay will lead the series revival, joining four other shows he currently hosts on FOX. next level chef (recently renewed for two more seasons), hell’s kitchen, chefand Masterchef Jr. new kitchen nightmare The […]