Gordon Ramsay’s pub taken over by squatters who threaten legal action if evicted

“Get out!”

A group of “professional squatters” have reportedly taken over a London pub run by celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay, brazenly threatening legal action against anyone who tries to force them out. It is said that there is.

At least six freeloaders broke into Mr. Ramsay’s York and Albany hotel and gastropub, which is on the market for $16.1 million, boarding up the windows, locking the doors with kitchen utensils and locking them. Glued.

The chef is offering the building in a multi-million dollar deal, The Sun reported.Starring Ramsay “Hell’s Kitchen, American Dream” Appeared on Fox reality show and Next Level Chef.

Shocking photos show squatters holed up in a trendy pub, with one of them seen sprawled barefoot on a black leather sofa.

A group of “professional squatters” have taken over a British pub owned by celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay (left) and are threatening legal action against their eviction. (Jan Kourthariou/AFP via Getty Images, left, Google Maps, right)

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Another resident, wearing slippers, was scrolling on his smartphone while placing cigarettes, empty water bottles, and wine glasses on the floor around him. A blue sleeping bag was discarded on another sofa, and crutches were also visible.

The squatters also posted a “legal warning” sign on the front door defending the takeover and warning people not to attempt to leave, The Sun reported.

The trespassers claim they have a right to be there because it is not a residential building.

According to Wales Online, although occupying non-residential property without permission is not a crime in itself in the UK, police may take action if a subsequent offense such as property damage or theft occurs.

“Please be aware that we are occupying this property and that at least one person will be occupying it at any given time,” the notice said, according to The Sun.

“Therefore, it is a crime to enter or attempt to enter these premises without our permission, as any of us who are in physical possession of such property without our permission is a crime. Because we object to trespassing…if you attempt to trespass by violence or threat of violence,” we will prosecute you. ”

The notice goes on to say that violations could result in six months in prison or a fine of up to $6,200.

Fox News Digital reached out to Ramsey for comment, but he did not immediately respond.

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Vincent and Gordon Ramsay in the season premiere episode of Next Level Chef.

“If you wish to evict us, you must apply for possession in the County Court or Superior Court,” the notice signed by the “occupier” says.

Ramsay, a world-famous chef known for his violent temper and profane outbursts, called police on Wednesday in an attempt to secure an eviction notice, The Sun reported.

“It’s a nightmare scenario for poor Gordon,” a source told The Sun newspaper.

“The pub was temporarily closed while he signed a new lease and during this handover period a gang of professional squatters somehow managed to evade all security and CCTV cameras and break in. They have now boarded up the building and are slowly encroaching on it.”They have taken over the place, left trash everywhere and are brazenly trying to convince the locals that this is now their home.” I’m saying. ”

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Gordon Ramsay in a blue shirt leans on the stove "chef"

Gordon Ramsay on the set of “MasterChef.” (FOX via Getty Images)

One shabby squatter refused to speak to the magazine when confronted outside. He had two black eyes, a cut over them, and was wearing a blue hoodie, knee compression bandages, and sliders.

He then started recording and hid behind a building.

The building was purchased in 2017 by filmmaker Gary Love, who then leased it to Ramsay for 25 years for $330,000 in annual rent.

Ramsay has also appeared on the Fox shows “Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars” and “MasterChef.”