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10 Weekend Reads – Barry Ritholtz

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of coffee, grab a seat outside, and get ready for a long weekend of reading. • The Life Cycle of a Market ChampionThroughout history, certain companies have dominated the stock market, but the process of creative destruction makes it very difficult to remain at the top for […]

WATCH Jake Tapper’s facial expression he reads Biden quotes

CNN’s Jake Tapper, as one of the two modestors, sat in the front row at the first presidential debate, where Joe Biden delivered arguably the worst debate performance of any president in American history. Since then, Tapper appears to have become hostile towards Joe Biden as he has woken up to the reality of the […]

Biden reads teleprompter for 5 minutes, takes no questions in first major post-debate appearance

President Joe Biden made his first major appearance since his panic-inspiring debate performance Monday to give brief remarks on the Supreme Court’s presidential immunity decision that was released earlier in the day. Biden spoke for five minutes, from a teleprompter, on the court finding that presidents have immunity from criminal prosecution for “official acts” taken […]

These career reads will heat up your work life this summer

It’s time to gear up for some professional growth in the summer sun. Here are our top reads on career development and life advice for talented people. This new release by attorney and mediator Damali Peterman is one she wishes she had had to guide her as the only Black woman in her office. In […]

Trump reads back to media their own trial reporting: ‘No smoking gun’

Former President Trump greeted the media on Tuesday morning holding a paper detailing reports that there was “no conclusive outcome” in the unprecedented Manhattan trial. “NBC’s ‘Today’ Show: ‘The problem is there’s no smoking gun, no email, no tape to prove the president’s intent. They have no way to prove it.’ That’s NBC’s ‘Today’ Show.” […]

CNN panel cracks up as Tapper reads Cohen post calling Trump ‘V Sch—inpants’

CNN’s panel of analysts and anchors on Thursday accused Jake Tapper of using profane language to criticize Trump after reading a social media post by former President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen. The panel erupted in laughter. “Okay… I apologize in advance for this update, but Trump lawyer Todd Blanche has specifically read a post […]