Natural gas is essential to any realistic path toward greenhouse gas reduction

Natural gas was at the top of the agenda this week when world and energy leaders gathered in Houston for CERAWeek, an annual gathering to advance solutions to the biggest challenges facing the future of energy and the environment. there was. This timely discussion comes against the backdrop of federal action in Congress. Environmental Protection […]

Jalen Brunson’s vintage Knicks night makes 50-win dream realistic

The Garden waited, waited, and waited for the Knicks to defeat the lowly Wizards. Mama Thibodeau, who celebrated her own birthday the day after her son Tom's birthday, said she wouldn't expect another night like this. The Knicks, who won 113-109, would be better off not playing with the lack of grit, desperation and will […]

Sickos Are Using AI to Generate ‘Astoundingly Realistic’ Child Sexual Abuse Images

Pedophiles are using AI to generate “stunningly realistic” images of child sexual abuse that many people may find “indistinguishable” from real photos, a report said online. Safety groups have warned. The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has already discovered highly realistic AI-generated images depicting child sexual abuse, and says the technology could be used to generate […]

Rishi Sunak Says UK Will Adopt Realistic Approach For Net Zero Target

Mr Sunak said he believed strongly in both net zero and the UK’s ability to achieve it. London: The UK will ease its policy to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and instead pursue a “pragmatic” approach to reaching the target, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said on Wednesday. “We can now take a more pragmatic, proportionate […]