Biden: ‘Every reason’ to suspect Netanyahu is dragging war out

“There is every reason for people” to conclude that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is dragging out Israel’s war against Hamas, according to President Joe Biden. Israel’s war against Hamas and both leaders’ domestic political landscapes have appeared to erode Netanyahu and Biden’s decadeslong relationship, though the president’s recent remarks to Time magazine provide new […]

DOJ cites AI deepfakes as reason to withhold Hur interview audio

The Department of Justice is withholding President Joe Biden‘s interview audio with former special counsel Robert Hur due to fears that it will be altered by artificial intelligence, according to a court filing. CNN, the Heritage Foundation, and Judicial Watch, among others, have all been denied Freedom of Information Act requests for the audio and […]

The Real Reason Vaccine Mandates are Wrong

Editors’ Note: We worry that the legal and moral precedents accepted by many during the pandemic, will soon be applied to the next progressive cause. The biggest threat is “global warming”, which puts us all in a similar quandary. The science is largely controlled and contrary data suppressed. It makes similar demands: we must give […]

Naked Chicago woman, Whitley Temple, found ‘not guilty’ by reason of insanity

A Chicago woman accused of stealing a police vehicle while naked and on camera and dragging an officer has been acquitted. Whitley Temple, 35, was acquitted of all charges Wednesday after a judge accepted her insanity defense. Cook County Judge Tyria Walton acquitted him of one count of attempted murder and also found him not […]

Credit card spending the leading reason why 78% of Americans have debt regret: survey

Credit card debt is always at the back of some Americans’ minds, according to a recent survey. (iStock) A majority of Americans are feeling financial regret, according to a recent survey, as personal debt rises to an all-time high. According to, about 78% of people said they have financial regrets, with 21% saying their […]

Meacham Derides Trump Supporters; Claims They Suspend Reason, History, Custom and Values

Historian Jon Meacham said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that supporters of former President Donald Trump ignored reason, history, convention and values ​​when voting for him. “This is another thing I don’t understand: The same people who have spent their whole lives self-righteously puffing up their patriotism and telling the left that they don’t love […]

Angel Hernandez’s ugly reputation wasn’t only reason for his downfall

“From the bench, blackened by the crowdA muffled scream went up.Like the waves of a storm crashingOn the distant and harsh shores;“Kill him! Kill the umpire!”Someone on the witness stand shouted.And they likely killed him.If Casey hadn’t raised her hand…” – Ernest Lawrence Thayer A few years ago, I asked a major league manager I’d […]