Feds cleaning radioactive remnants from Oppenheimer’s A-bombs in NYC

After 80 years, the federal government is finally cleaning up Robert Oppenheimer’s mess on Staten Island. This month, after decades of delays, cover-ups and diversions, the Army Corps of Engineers in Washington, D.C., removed the radioactive remains of the atomic bomb that ended World War II to a coastal site. started to remove it. “I […]

Ophelia remnants to soak NYC into Monday

Don’t put that raincoat back in the closet yet. The remnants of Tropical Storm Ophelia will continue to bring severe wet weather to New York City for at least another 24 hours, with the possibility of flooding and heavy rain well past Monday morning’s commute. The storm, which made landfall in North Carolina early Saturday […]

Eerie new video shows charred remnants of ‘ghost plane’ crash

A spooky new video shows the charred crater left by the “ghost plane” crash that killed a New York real estate agent, his two-year-old daughter, and two others over the weekend in rural Virginia mountains. there is Aerial footage of the scene first revealed the lush mountainous region of Raphine, about 260 miles southwest of […]

FBI examines remnants of Chinese spy balloon

New images released by the FBI on Thursday showed federal agents investigating the wreckage of a Chinese spy balloon as the U.S. continues its efforts to assess how extensive the device’s surveillance capabilities are. was Members of the FBI’s Evidence Response Team were stationed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, overseeing an ongoing operation to recover […]