Biden Admin Shielding Transgender Athletes Behind Title IX Pronoun Requirements

Biden administration rewrites transgender advocacy Title IX The rules hide rule changes that could eliminate separate K-12 sports for boys and girls as early as August 2024. When the rule was first announced last week, analysts noted that the word “transgender” was not seen in the revised proposal sponsored by Biden’s Education Department. Some believe […]

DEI requirements and rampant antisemitism show the rot at US colleges

Whatever college students pay, it’s getting more and more expensive do not have education. A study by Speech First, a First Amendment advocacy group, found that 165 of 248 U.S. universities require DEI-related classes for graduation. The study looked at the nation’s 100 most enrolling colleges, as well as all top-ranked schools, all NCAA Division […]

Smashing the paper ceiling: Why employers are dropping college degree requirements

It is a commonly held assumption that education is the key to future prosperity and financial security. But is college now just an expensive, outdated rite of passage for wealthy Americans that doesn’t necessarily lead to lucrative employment after a four-year degree? according to Recent joint reports According to the Burning Glass Institute and Strada […]

Battlefield requirements in Ukraine demand AI advancement

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As Big Oil’s mess in our oceans grows, their bonding requirements should too 

Big Oil uses our ocean waters and coastlines as its own junkyard. For decades, oil and gas companies have left behind abandoned and outdated equipment and infrastructure, imposing unnecessary risks and cleanup costs on American taxpayers. There’s no question that it’s a problem, but until now we didn’t know how serious the problem was. At […]

Canadian official says the country will reimpose visa requirements on Mexicans

The Canadian government is reimposing some visa requirements for Mexicans visiting Canada, officials familiar with the matter told The Associated Press on Wednesday. Quebec’s premier has called on the federal government to slow the influx of refugees, saying it is straining financial resources. Canadian mass murderer Miles Sanderson died of cocaine overdose, pathologist says The […]

Social Media disclosure requirements are unconstitutional compelled speech

The Supreme Court’s decision is Moody vs. Net Choice and NetChoice v. Paxton It could fundamentally change free speech online. The Supreme Court will consider Monday whether state law can force social media companies to keep posts on their platforms that would otherwise be removed. One of the key issues is the legality of the […]