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RETRACTED: White House Bans Religious Easter Eggs From Art Contest

Retraction notice:  Following the publication of this article, the Daily Caller became aware of additional context that undercut the central assertion of this article and its newsworthiness. The ban of religious symbolism on eggs as part of the White House Easter egg activities has been longstanding, dating back decades, and the Biden administration did not […]

Media Outlets Bury Revelation That Epstein Accuser Retracted Trump Allegations

The media has buried the revelation that the late disgraced former President Jeffrey Epstein's accuser recanted his accusations against former President Donald Trump. On Monday, multiple media outlets reported that President Trump was named in Epstein's latest dossier, but did not mention at the beginning of the article that the accuser had actually recanted these […]

Harvard Scholar’s Study on Honesty Retracted After She Is Accused of Faking It

A Harvard academic who studies honesty has been accused of fabricating findings in a research paper on the subject that is frequently cited by behavioral scientists. Harvard placed Francesca Gina on leave after her famous paper was retracted, a very ironic position in which integrity experts are placed. A well-known study by Harvard Business School’s […]

‘Socially contagious’ gender dysphoria study retracted from journal after trans activists retaliate

A study investigating whether gender dysphoria is “socially contagious” among children and adolescents was recently retracted by a major journal after a transgender activist threatened to stop working at the journal. Springer’s Archives of Sexual Behavior has retracted a paper titled ”,” by Dr. Michael Bailey and Dr. Susannah Diaz.Rapid-onset gender identity disorder: Parents report […]

Canceled Mumford & Sons banjo player lets Bill Maher know how he responded to outrage mob: ‘I retracted the apology’

Enraged progressives accused Marshall of being a Nazi and a “xsofascist” because Marshall blessed Ngo’s “important book.” Additionally, alleged Mumford & Sons fans threatened to stop listening to their music unless Marshall was kicked out of the band. Marshall responded to the controversy by apologizing for his endorsement and the “pain caused by the book.” […]