New York governor ridiculed by Long Islanders for appearing at slain NYPD officer’s wake

New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul was refused permission to attend a memorial service for a slain NYPD officer. Jonathan Diller of Massapequa Park, former Rep. Lee Zeldin, R.N.Y. Others criticized her appearance as disrespectful and selfish. Images taken outside the funeral home showed Hochul confronting mourners and then leaving the venue. Fox News host […]

Vanderbilt students at anti-Israel protest ridiculed for calling 911 over tampon ‘toxic shock’ panic: ‘Like a comedy sketch’

A small group of students who organized a sit-in protest at Vanderbilt University were roundly mocked and ridiculed after their protest. called 911 Issues surrounding ‘toxic shock’ of protesters who were not allowed to change tampons. Protesters demonstrating Tuesday to protest the university’s refusal to participate in the Divestment of Israel movement assaulted a social […]

‘Work is being done’ to potentially fix highly ridiculed MLB jerseys

MLB’s uniform debacle may be coming to an end in the future. At least the league seems to acknowledge there is a problem. Tony Clark, executive director of the MLB Players Association, said players’ concerns about the new uniforms, which have passed like lead balloons, have been heard and “work is being done to alleviate […]