Rihanna Streams Surge After Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Rihanna’s streaming numbers on Spotify skyrocketed after her Super Bowl halftime performance. Billboard reported that after the Super Bowl, Rihanna’s streams increased to 62.2 million on February 12-13, compared to 25.8 million on February 10-11, according to a data tracking company. . Luminate. Spotify saw a 640% increase in streams after the performance. according to […]

Rihanna Performs Super Bowl Halftime Show Pregnant, Reveals Baby Bump

Left-wing pop star Rihanna showed off her baby bump Sunday night at the Super Bowl halftime show while pregnant with her second child. Dressed in a baggy bright red outfit, Rihanna sparked a lot of online speculation when she exposed her baby bump, becoming her second baby in less than a year. I made fun […]

Reviewing Rihanna: The Super Bowl Halftime Show Hits And Misses

Rihanna’s highly anticipated Super Bowl LVII halftime show was greeted with mixed reviews. The biggest question of the night was whether her guest on her special was her unborn child. Superfans praised Rihanna while critics complained about her poor performance. Sunday’s halftime show was dominated by a string of smash hits from Rihanna’s collection. She […]

Rihanna has ‘NO TALENT’ amid Super Bowl halftime show

Former President Donald Trump set his sights on pop star Rihanna ahead of Sunday’s much-anticipated Super Bowl halftime show. “Without her ‘stylist’ she would be nothing. All bad and talentless! Trump took out his anger on Truth Social. An in-depth look at the 34-year-old artist comes from Trump’s former White House physician, Rep. Ronnie Jackson […]

Trump attacks Rihanna: ‘NO TALENT!’

Former President Donald Trump targeted superstar singer Rihanna on Thursday, claiming she had no talent. “Without her ‘stylist,’ she would be nothing. All bad and no talent!” Trump I have written in a true society. rihanna is schedule Performed at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday. Trump’s attack was in response to comments by […]