Changes to Title IX sacrifice due process at colleges for administrative convenience

Last month, the Biden administration finally released the Department of Education’s long-awaited revisions. Title IX Implementing Regulations. The 1,500-plus page final rulemaking notice and the draft regulations released in the lead-up to it have been controversial at every step. Much of the discussion revolves around the revised regulations’ definition of sexual assault and protections for […]

The heroic sacrifice of John Eastman

Tucker Carlson hosted Dr. John Eastman. fox news On June 27, 2022, shortly after the FBI illegally seized Eastman’s cell phone, which contained privileged attorney-client information. After Mr. Tucker showed him a video of armed FBI agents romping with Mr. Eastman, he sneered: Wearing his little mask. “Hands up,” as if Eastman were a threat. […]

Mothers must sacrifice but should still ask for help

start a family It wasn’t This is an ideological choice, but it started to feel like such a choice during my first pregnancy. I’m 24 years old, and I’ve been asked the same question over and over again by women, young and old, living in coastal cities: “Why wait until you’re 30?” You would think […]

Anthony Volpe won’t sacrifice power with new swing: Aaron Boone

TAMPA — Anthony Volpe hit 21 home runs even though his swing was too uphill by the end of his rookie season. But Aaron Boone doesn’t expect Volpe to sacrifice that power with a flatter swing this year. “I don’t think so, no, his strength is his strength,” Boone said Thursday before the Yankees hosted […]

People asked Google Gemini about pedophilia child sacrifice

Google’s new AI feature Gemini has come under intense scrutiny for injecting diversity into historical images. For example, when people asked the program to create images of America’s Founding Fathers, it spit out pictures of black people in colonial costumes. The same was true when he was asked to produce images of Nazis in Germany. […]