UK Scientists Plan Seabed Explosions To Solve Mystery Of Missing Flight MH370

When an aircraft crashes into water, it creates a unique acoustic signature. Ten years after the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, researchers at Cardiff University have devised a new plan to solve the mystery.MetroResearchers believe that audio signals picked up by an underwater acoustic observatory off the coast of Australia could hold the key […]

Scientists announces wild plan for first head transplant

Scientists put their brains to work on a breakthrough in medicine. BrainBridge, a neuroscience and biomedical engineering startup, announced that it has developed an AI mechanized system to perform head transplant surgery. This surgery involves transplanting the head into the body of a brain-dead donor, preserving the recipient’s memory, cognitive abilities, and consciousness. Researchers believe […]

Scientists Recreate Charles Darwin’s Historic 1830s Expedition To Galapagos

The ship has been on an exploratory voyage for scientific research and awareness-raising since August last year. Puerto Ayora, Ecuador: Just as Charles Darwin did in 1831, a group of scientists and environmentalists set sail from the British port of Plymouth last year and headed to the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. But […]

Transhumanists: The scientists who want to become gods

I never expected to come across such a question while writing an article Bioethics overview While researching the ethically questionable uses of genetic engineering, I was inspired by scientists passionately engaged in the quest for immortality and determined to use every tool at their disposal to push humanity beyond its current limits. We met at […]

What keeps the world’s top climate scientists up at night? – podcast | News

The Guardian’s environment editor Damien Carringtondecided to survey the world’s top climate scientists, but had no idea how many of them would want to participate. “I was surprised by the number of responses I received,” he says. hannah moore. With the help of Julian Ganz, the Guardian’s research manager, they approached every available first author […]

Scientists discover large, ‘cotton candy-like’ planet with unusually low density

Astronomers have discovered an exoplanet larger than Jupiter but incredibly light, like cotton candy. The planet, named WASP-193b, has an unusually low density compared to gas giants like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Lead author Khalid Barkaoui of MIT described the planet as “super fluffy” because it is composed primarily of light gas rather than […]

Chinese Scientists Create Mutant Ebola Virus

The following content is The Wellness Company. It appears that the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic have not yet been learned. Dangerous bio-lab experiments continue – humanity is cursed. Photo: Depositphotos by daily mail: Chinese scientists created a virus in the lab using parts of the Ebola virus that killed a group of hamsters. A […]