Japan Finally Screens ‘Oppenheimer’ with Trigger Warnings Posted Outside Theaters

oppenheimer, The Oscar-winning drama about the leading scientists behind the creation of the atomic bomb finally began showing in Japan on Friday. Signs were reportedly posted in some theaters warning that the film could be traumatic for Japanese audiences because of its references to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Oppenheimer, Directed by Christopher […]

Tesla hides Disney+ from screens amid Elon Musk’s feud with Bob Iger

The Disney+ app has been removed from video displays in some Tesla cars, with some drivers complaining they were caught in the middle of a nasty feud between CEO Elon Musk and Disney president Bob Iger. It's leaking. A Tesla owner posted on Musk's social media platform X a screenshot of the vehicle's video screen […]

Workers Building Chicago’s Migrant Tent Encampment Erect Screens so Work Cannot Be Seen

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s construction of a “tent camp” for illegal border crossers is progressing well, but city residents wouldn’t know it from standing on the street outside the construction site. That’s because the work crew covered the fence with a black screen so no one could see the progress of the work. Chicago’s sanctuary […]

Kids need to read books not look at smartphone screens

The 21st century is said to be both the best and worst time to raise children. A good category might be books. When our country was founded, their cost exceeded the average worker’s weekly wage. Most families owned only one Bible. As for free public libraries, they didn’t exist yet. Ben He Franklin famously founded […]

Baghdad Shuts Down Advertising Screens After Hacker Posts Porno

Baghdad authorities shut down all LED advertising screens in the city on Saturday evening after a hacker posted a pornographic video on one of them. The hacked screen was so prominent in the city’s major traffic areas that social media was immediately flooded with clips of the “immoral scene” that appeared. An electronic billboard in […]

Plane passenger screens movie mid-flight: ‘What the literal hell?’

This is ingenious inflight entertainment, but it’s not for everyone. Airplane passengers split public opinion after showing a movie to their fellow passengers on the surface of an overhead bin using a film projector. The creative Fryer’s identity was never revealed, but his antics were documented. by Douglas Rajkirk, He was also on that plane. […]

Apple to start using in-house screens from 2024 – Bloomberg News – Yahoo Finance

[Reuters]- Apple plans to start using its custom displays in its mobile devices from 2024 onwards to bring more components in-house, Bloomberg News said Tuesday. It reported by quoting the words of a person familiar with the matter. The company plans to start by replacing the top-of-the-line Apple Watch displays by the end of next […]