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New York City Hotels Score Big With Taxpayer-Funded Migrant Shelter Deals: REPORT

New York City taxpayers are reportedly set to pay more than $1 billion to house illegal immigrants and asylum seekers who cross the southern border into the United States. Of the 193 shelters being used to house migrants, about 153 are hotels, motels and inns, according to the New York Post. These facilities reportedly house […]

Sanctuary Cities Crack Down On Shelter Programs After Rolling Out Red Carpet For Illegal Migrants

Democratic mayors who initially pitched their cities as welcoming havens for undocumented immigrants have scrambled to scale back key shelter programs as they grapple with mounting costs and community backlash. New York City, Chicago and Denver, all self-described “sanctuary” jurisdictions for foreigners living in the U.S. illegally, have made policy shifts on migrant shelters in […]

Space Station Astronauts Forced To Shelter After Russian Satellite Breaks Up

Large-scale debris-generating events in orbit are rare but are of growing concern. (Image) Washington: The US space agency said a Russian satellite broke into more than 100 pieces in orbit, forcing astronauts on the International Space Station to evacuate. There were no immediate details released about the cause of the debris from the Russian RESURS-P1 […]

‘Sanctuary’ State Governor Tells Illegal Immigrants Not To Come: ‘Lack Of Shelter Space’

The governor of Massachusetts deployed state officials to border communities to warn illegal immigrants not to go to her state because the migrant shelters are already full, according to a report from Politico. Democratic Gov. Maura Healey is sending five state officials to several Texas communities from Sunday through Wednesday to inform non-governmental immigration organizations […]

NYPD clears delivery bikes from NYC’s Roosevelt Hotel shelter

The NYPD has removed dozens of delivery bikes parked outside the Roosevelt Hotel as part of an increased crackdown on unregistered and illegal mopeds and e-bikes across the city, according to information obtained by the New York Post. A landmark Midtown hotel near Grand Central Terminal was converted into a migrant shelter last year, but […]

NYC opening adult homeless shelter next to pre-K-5 school

New York City is planning to quietly open a homeless shelter for drug users and ex-convicts just five feet from the entrance to a Lower Manhattan elementary school, according to information obtained by The Washington Post. The city’s Department of Social Services waited until June 13 to notify local elected officials and zoning board members […]

NYC migrant groups brawl at Randall’s Island shelter after stabbing

A fight broke out at a Randalls Island shelter on Friday night following an earlier stabbing, sparking bad blood between rival migrant groups, police and officials said. Sources said six migrants from Africa and South America were involved in the brawl at about 8 p.m. in a huge Manhattan tent city where rowdy behavior is […]