When Smaller is Better – Washington Examiner

The Unique Benefits of Small Group Travel Insider access. Expert guides. Compatible travel companions. These attributes and more make small group tours so special and memorable. Small group tour companies provide the kind of insider knowledge that’s virtually unavailable to individual travelers. They can advise you on what to pack before you leave and guide […]

Tax refunds are much smaller so far this year, IRS says

Early data released by the IRS shows that tax refunds so far this year are significantly lower than the same period last year. The average refund check so far this year is worth $1,395 as of Feb. 2, about 29% lower than the $1,963 average recorded last year. This is based on approximately 2.6 million […]

Where, and why, Mets will have a smaller payroll next season

Provides insight into all things Amazin Subscribe to Inside the Mets with Mike Puma, exclusively on Sports+ The Mets' annual salary was an MLB record $374.7 million last season, according to calculations by the commissioner's office. All signs are that the team won't approach that number in 2024, but the Mets still have an annual […]

Smaller businesses eye ad vacuum on X after blue-chip firms ditch site

Small business owners are trying to capitalize on the shift of big advertisers away from X, betting that this will allow them to reach a wider audience on the platform. a source told On the Money. Amid controversy over anti-Semitism, big advertisers like Disney, IBM and Comcast are siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars in […]

Vegas Teen Beaten to Death by Mob of 15 After Defending Smaller Friend

Seventeen-year-old Jonathan Lewis (pictured above) was bludgeoned to death by 15 rioters just a few blocks from his high school after he stood up for his little friend who had been trashed by a mob. class report Lewis was beaten on November 1, 2023, and died on November 7, 2023, police said. new york post […]


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