Trump Speaking at Convention ‘Great Opportunity’ to Advance Liberty

Libertarian Party Leader Angela McArdle said in an interview that former President Donald Trump will make a historic move by addressing the Libertarian Party’s national convention. Breitbart News Saturdayexplains the importance of being able to take advantage of opportunities to advance the message of freedom. “As someone who is responsible for what ultimately happens in […]

Hannity: Nothing is stopping Donald Trump from speaking to you directly

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Creep hacks into sleeping boy’s toy, starts speaking to him

This mom isn’t playing around. Kelly Medina Enos, mother of two and British media personality, shares a “really scary” cautionary tale about a toy she bought for her 4-year-old son George. Enos claims that somehow an “adult male” took control of the walkie-talkie he ordered on Amazon. “Fundamentally, IMO they are not safe children’s toys. […]

‘I Didn’t Do That’: Biden Throws More Gasoline On ‘Transgender Visibility’ Day Outcry After Speaking To Press

President Joe Biden threw more gasoline on the outcry over his “Transgender Day of Visibility” proclamation after responding to a few questions from the press Monday during the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll. Biden sparked backlash Saturday after the White House issued a proclamation Friday, recognizing “Transgender Day of Visibility,” which annually falls on […]

100 British Women Athletes Express Fears of Speaking Out Against Trans Athletes

More than 100 of Britain’s elite female athletes have expressed concern about public opposition to transgender people in women’s sport. “More than 100 British elite sportswomen have told the BBC they are uncomfortable with transgender women competing in the women’s divisions of their sports,” the newspaper said. BBC. “However, many people express concerns about sharing […]