Can we trust Signal to keep out government spying?

In City Journal, conservative activist and author Chris Rufo aim We asked the leadership of secure messaging app Signal, “Has the integrity of the encrypted messaging application been compromised by the Chairman of the Board?” This article follows a recent line of criticism. struggled NPR CEO Katherine Maher, who serves as Signal Foundation Board Chair, […]

UK Arrests Three Men Accused of Spying for China-Controlled Hong Kong

LONDON (AP) – British police have charged three men with aiding Hong Kong intelligence, amid growing concerns that a hostile state is trying to interfere in Britain’s democracy and economic life. The three were among 11 people arrested by counter-terrorism police in Yorkshire and London earlier this month, using new legislation that allows suspects in […]

Hamas Ran Stasi-like Secret Police Spying On Gazans’ Personal Lives

The Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, which brutally attacked Israel on October 7, ran a secret police agency that monitored the personal lives of Gaza residents in a style reminiscent of the Stasi, the notorious East German spy agency. of new york times The story was told on Monday using documents the Israeli military said it […]

Here Are The 30 GOP Senators Who Voted To Reauthorize Warrantless Spying Tool

On Saturday, 30 Republican senators voted in favor of reauthorizing the controversial warrantless spying tool. Bill to reauthorize Section 702 passed 60-34 Vote After six amendments were rejected. Support and opposition cut across party lines, with 17 Democrats and independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vermont) joining 18 Republicans in voting against the move, while Republican Sen. […]

86 Republicans Vote To Allow Warrantless Spying Of Americans With FISA

Eighty-six House Republicans voted against an amendment to the FISA reauthorization bill which would have added a warrant requirement to prevent the U.S. government from spying on Americans without their knowledge. The vote tally on the amendment, introduced by Republican Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, was 212-212, with House Speaker Mike Johnson casting the tiebreaker vote […]

Is your smartphone spying on you without you even knowing it?

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) recently uncovered a surprising new privacy threat. The ambient light sensor in our smartphones could turn into a makeshift camera. A woman operating an iPhone (Kurt “Cyber ​​Guy” Knutson) From brightness adjustment to privacy invasion Ambient light sensors are common in smartphones and are primarily […]

Former US ambassador sentenced to 15 years in prison for spying for communist Cuba

The former U.S. ambassador to Bolivia was sentenced to 15 years in prison Friday after admitting decades of espionage against the U.S. government on behalf of communist Cuba. Miami-based U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom accepted Victor Manuel Rocha’s guilty plea on two charges, including acting as an agent of a foreign government, and sentenced him […]