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Spain PM At NATO Summit Rejects “Double Standards” On Gaza

Sanchez also said he supported “democracy, freedom and the right to life of a country like Ukraine.” Washington: Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez joined NATO leaders on Wednesday in supporting Ukraine and urging Western countries to reject “double standards” on the Gaza conflict. Spain, under President Pedro Sánchez, infuriated Israel’s right-wing government by recognising a […]

Biden’s EPA faces lawsuit over new emission standards: ‘Forcing a switch’

The American Petroleum Institute, along with a coalition of energy and trucking groups, recently filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s Environmental Protection Agency to block new emissions standards. The groups filed a lawsuit Thursday in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit challenging the EPA’s finalized emissions standards for light-duty and medium-duty […]

EPA hit with fresh legal challenges to tailpipe emissions standards

Three coalitions of industry groups are filing multiple lawsuits Thursday against the Environmental Protection Agency over its tailpipe emission standards – joining the mounting legal challenges looking to overturn the strictest federal climate regulation for passenger cars and trucks.  The lawsuits are challenging the EPA’s finalized rule that would require stricter emission standards for light- […]

New safety rules set training standards for train dispatchers and signal repairmen

New federal certification rules for train dispatchers and signal repairmen finalized Monday set minimum standards to counter investor pressure for continued cost reductions on railroads, while also requiring these employees to will ensure that they have the skills necessary to operate all the high-tech systems on today’s trains. The new Federal Railroad Administration rules are […]

Senators allege partisan politics, double standards in response to FDIC scandal

Republican and Democratic senators on Thursday accused each other of playing partisan politics in response to reports about a toxic workplace culture at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Republican lawmakers across the board are calling for FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg (Democratic) to resign, but there is disagreement within the Democratic Party over the response, […]

‘Donald Trump‘s Voters Have Very Low Standards’

Former President Donald Trump’s voters have a “very low standard,” political commentator SE Cupp said Monday on CNN’s “News Central.” Host Sarah Sidner said: An average of the most closely researched public opinion polls possible. If you’re running a campaign, what are you thinking about right now?” “I think these polls are tough because the […]

USDA raises school nutrition standards in effort to combat diet-related disease

The Biden administration announced new rules Wednesday that will limit the sugar and sodium content of meals served to millions of children in U.S. public schools. The standards released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture are part of President Joe Biden’s broader effort to combat childhood obesity and other diet-related diseases. “We all share the […]