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‘Record’ fundraising haul by GOP Senate candidate in blue-leaning southwest state

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‘Right to reside’: State supreme court weighs in on homeless RV parking

The Washington State Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the state’s constitutional right to movement does not include the right to live in a vehicle parked on public property. Homeless advocates decried the ruling, which sent a lawsuit brought by a homeless man back to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for a new trial. “This […]

Replacing Biden on ballot in Michigan almost impossible, says state clerk

DEXTER, Mich. — Democrats will face considerable difficulty choosing an alternative candidate to President Biden on Michigan’s ballot, according to a county clerk who is a Democrat himself. Michigan is a must-win state for Democrats, with a presidential winner running in it in every election since 2008. “This is Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum. To […]

Dems Worrying About New York – “We’re A Battleground State Now”

The Pro Trump News home page features 60 new headlines every 24 hours, click here to see them. Democrats are worried about New York. Joe Biden won New York state by 23 points in 2020, but recent polls have shown Trump gaining momentum. Politico reported: President Joe Biden has a new problem: a tight election […]

Our brave new world: The ‘brother’s keeper’ plantation state

For every crime our country has committed, is currently committing, or will commit in the future, there are bad people masquerading as good people who willfully distort the plain meaning of widely held values ​​to conceal and justify the ugliest ends and means. The best example of this stilted newspeak is Barack Obama’s misuse of […]

Arizona Secretary of State Allows Progressive Groups to Register Voters in Bulk Online, Then Scrubs the Groups’ Names from Its Website

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Progressive organizations are aggressively registering new voters online using special online access implemented under Democratic election officials. In Arizona, the program was launched during COVID-19 in 2020 and is open to groups that intend to register more than 1,000 voters. There was very little news coverage of the program launch […]