Deion Sanders’ Colorado stomps on Oregon logo prior to game

Colorado couldn’t get to Oregon without making a statement. There was a video Posted on YouTube by Well off Mediawas founded by Deion Sanders Jr. and features Colorado players stomping on the Oregon State logo at midfield with eerie music in the background before the much-anticipated Pac-12 Saturday afternoon game. For the Ducks, those words […]

Moose Headbutts And Stomps Woman In Vicious Attack

This makes Colorado look really cool in my eyes. Centennial state wildlife officials are currently investigating the moose attack after a moose reportedly injured a woman and her dog during a walk Wednesday. The cow moose charged while walking along the South St. Vrain Trail north of the town of Ward, outside Boulder (home of […]

Massive student savagely knocks teacher unconscious, then stomps and punches her unresponsive body because she took away his Nintendo Switch, deputies say

A large group of students attacked a teacher’s aide indiscriminately at Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, Fla., on Tuesday, leaving a woman unconscious and seriously injured. : She prevented him from playing video games in class. According to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Officethe school’s FCSO School Resource Agent was alerted to a brutal assault […]


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