Two rare blue-eyed cicadas were spotted in the Chicago suburbs

Zoo animals devour rare cicadas Animals were spotted eating cicadas at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois. This is the first time the periodical cicadas have appeared in 17 years, and they are part of two groups. The last time this happened was in 1803. Two separate families living in suburban Chicago accidentally encountered a “one […]

Parents in red-leaning suburbs outside NYC green-lighting armed security at public schools

Farmingdale, New York – Roughly two dozen school districts in New York City’s reddish suburbs, preferring a show of force to further restricting Second Amendment rights in the Empire State, have deployed armed guards to protect children. Approved the dispatch. One such school district is the Farmingdale School District in eastern Nassau County, which serves […]

Americans are fleeing blue cities — and their suburbs

Many major American cities have continued to lose people for years, as high taxes and the failure or deliberate refusal to maintain law and order have created a downward spiral in living conditions. Now, suburbanites are also increasingly moving away from high-tax, chaotic urban areas. “Metropolitan areas (populations of 1 million or more) lost 2 […]

Midwest tornadoes cause severe damage in Omaha suburbs

A tornado ripped through the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska, on Friday afternoon, with the twister tearing through miles of farmland and subdivisions, damaging hundreds of homes and other buildings. There were reports of injuries, but it was not yet clear if anyone was killed in the storm. Multiple tornadoes were reported in Nebraska, but the […]

Senator Rand Paul visits Philadelphia suburbs to discuss COVID and politics

On Thursday night, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) participated in a “Politics and Pints” conversation at a community college in the Philadelphia suburbs. Paul was the guest of Dom Giordano, a radio talk show host on Philadelphia’s WPHT 1210 am. Speaking to a standing-room-only crowd at Zlock Performing Arts Center at Bucks County Community College in […]

Explosive device thrown onto porch of Satanic Temple in northern Boston suburbs

Someone dropped an explosive on the porch of a Satanic Temple in Massachusetts when no one was there, and the bomb and the resulting damage weren’t discovered until nearly 12 hours later, police said. No injuries were reported. Police said in a news release Monday that state police bomb disposal technicians determined the device was […]

Biden’s ‘bloodbath’ at the border is seeping into the swing state suburbs

Fox News host Jesse Watters explained how former President Trump flipped the media script in his opening monologue on Tuesday’s “Jesse Watters Prime Time.” Jesse Waters: Every time President Trump says fake news, the media goes crazy, which means it’s working. All talk and no action, the Democratic Party knows the power of words.Last month, […]

LAURA: They’re coming for the suburbs

FOX News host Laura Ingraham denies President Biden’s efforts to improve housing equityIngraham Angle. ” Laura Ingraham: For decades, left-wing intellectuals have enjoyed vilifying the suburbs, calling them hotbeds of dysfunction, McMansions run by Stepford Wives, and drivers of climate change. It’s endless ridicule and contempt. Former NBC executive Barron Trump, 18, backlash after calling […]