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Third Infant Surrendered to Alabama Safe Haven Baby Box in 2024

A third infant was released into the Safe Haven Baby Box at Fire Station 1 in Madison, Alabama, officials said. Firefighters examined the baby at the station and transported him to Madison Hospital for further testing, AL.com reportquoted a statement from the City of Madison. City officials did not disclose when the child was handed […]

Two Infants Surrendered to Arkansas Baby Box Before It Was Blessed

Two newborns were delivered to the first Safe Haven Baby Box in Little Rock, Arkansas before being blessed, WAFB9 announced. report. “In the last few weeks alone, there have been two instances of parents surrendering their newborn babies to the fire department for whatever reason, believing they had no other option,” Mayor Frank Scott Jr. […]

Russell Brand says baptism has left him feeling ‘changed’ and ‘surrendered in Christ’

Actor, comedian, and podcaster Russell Brand posted on social media after being baptized as a Christian. He described the experience as “incredibly profound” and said it left him “transformed” and “surrendered to Christ,” according to the newspaper. christian post. Brand, 48, recently posted a short video on social media explaining how she felt after being […]

Conservatives should never have surrendered higher education to the Left

The biggest mistake conservatives ever made was surrendering higher education to left-wing radicals. Everything — everything! — that conservatives rightly identify as an illness in modern culture flows from this. From racial tensions to attacks on the nuclear family, the problem can be traced back directly to those who dominate higher educational systems. In fact, […]

Second Infant Surrendered to Alabama’s First Safe Haven Baby Box

Second baby handed over to first baby in Alabama safe haven baby boxThe City of Madison announced Wednesday. Madison Fire Rescue receives second infant through baby box at Fire Station 1, News 19 report. The baby was examined and taken to Madison Hospital for further testing, the city said. The city said the Alabama Department […]

First Infant Surrendered to Missouri’s Only Safe Haven Baby Box

The Melville Fire Chief said in a press conference Monday that a newborn baby was delivered to Missouri’s only Safe Haven Baby Box location. The baby, just hours old, was the first to be handed over to the baby box. The surrender occurred Feb. 8 at KSDK Melville Fire Protection District House 2 in South […]

Infant Surrendered to New Mexico Safe Haven Baby Box

The infant was delivered to Safe Haven Baby Box in Belen, New Mexico on Tuesday afternoon. The boy was turned over to the Belen Fire Department, one of five Safe Haven Baby Boxes. place state. A sixth location is scheduled to be dedicated in Roswell on Wednesday, KOB4 report. “I believe there are three people […]

Robert Kraft and the Patriots just surrendered to the DEI mafia

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been conquered. The Defense Elite Ignorance Mafia (DEI) forced a billionaire to hire a soccer coach whose beliefs contradicted his own. That's the point of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This is a system designed to eradicate the last remnants of Christian values ​​from the American workforce. This is […]